Brief description of the disease


Lipoma - a formation of adipose tissue, localized under the skin. More common, but not the official name of lipoma - wen.

Usually a lipoma does not grow more than 1-1, 5 cm in diameter, although larger lipomas sometimes encountered in medical practice. Possible formation of multiple lipomas - lipomatosis.

Lipoma - a benign, in rare, almost isolated cases develops into a malignant liposarcoma.

In the human body may be wen years, without causing discomfort, but if seen its rapid growth (a marked increase for one-two months), should seek immediate medical attention, as it is one of the signs of degeneration lipoma in malignancy.

The causes lipomas

To date, the causes of a lipoma on the body and internal organs of humans is unknown.


Outwardly resembles a lipoma lump that feels soft. It can appear almost anywhere on the body and even in the internal organs (lungs, breast, okoloplechnoy, retroperitoneal fat, etc.).

Lipoma is usually painless, but sometimes, if it provokes a squeezing of the location of the tissue and nerve endings, with tactile inspection Wen may arise unpleasant pain.

Diagnosis lipomas

Diagnosing lipoma doctor held her by visual inspection. For a more detailed analysis carried out needle biopsy Wen (study of the fragment formation for malignancy), and after removal of the lipoma - cytological, histological examination.

Treatment of lipomas

The official medicine treatment of lipomas is done by removing it.

Indications for removal of a lipoma is its tenderness, growth, location, causing functional disorders of vital organs and cosmetic defect.

Removal of lipomas small sizes can be made by radio wave. Its advantages over conventional surgery - painless, bloodless, no postoperative complications, short term rehabilitation, optimal cosmetic effect, preserving the patient's ability to work after the procedure.

 Removing a lipoma

Removal of lipomas larger spend surgically under local anesthetic (for medical general anesthesia may be used).

There is a method to remove lipomas as puncture-aspiration, in which the contents of the tumor is sucked with a special needle. Advantages of this method - the absence of cosmetic defects and joints, preservation of working capacity of the patient after the procedure.

People's treatment of lipomas is discouraged by official medicine, as though rare, but inappropriate actions can trigger malignant transformation of the tumor. Nevertheless, it is practiced.

Distributed recipes such national treatment lipoma:

  • baked onions and laundry soap. On wen two or three p / night impose gauze pads with onions and soap until until it becomes softer and will reveal;
  • celandine. Compress or gauze bandage soaked in a strong decoction of celandine is necessary to impose a night on the lipoma as long as it does not and will reveal its contents spilled;
  • Kalanchoe. By Wen applied or a cotton swab moistened with juice Kalanchoe (I should be one p / day) or a fresh leaf of a plant;
  • beet. Grated beets is necessary to apply at night to the lipoma, polyethylene covering and fixing plaster;
  • Golden mustache. Mashed put on the leaf of a plant wen, cover with plastic wrap, x / cotton cloth and fix plaster. Change is necessary to compress every 12 hours. The course of treatment usually lasts 10-20 days.

Prevention lipomas

To prevent lipomas should be excluded factors influencing the change of adipose tissue - full and eat right, avoid preservatives and do not abuse alcohol and tobacco.