Lipoma is called benign tumor originating from adipose tissue cells. Lipomas can be multiple  Lipomas can be single or multiple
 or isolated. They appear in any location where there is fat layer - in the lumbar region, on the thighs, arms, the abdomen, in the meninges, mammary, between muscle fibers, etc.

Lipomas usually occur in people over 30 years of age. These tumors are never alone does not decrease in size and disappear. Although they are benign tumors, but in some cases, for example as a result of trauma, may degenerate into a malignant tumor. Therefore, most doctors recommend their patients carry out the removal of a lipoma, even in cases when the tumor does not cause any discomfort.

Lipoma Causes

Lipomas are the result of disorders of lipolysis (fat tissue degradation) and some systemic metabolism. Often lipomas occur in people suffering from diseases of the thyroid gland, pancreas, diabetes, as well as with reduced function of the pituitary gland. Other causes lipomas, experts say, cancer of the respiratory tract, family history of alcoholism. But there are times when to reveal the cause of lipomas is not possible.

The symptoms of a lipoma

Lipoma has the form of movable, flexible, soft and painless education and often located under the skin. But in cases where the tumor is located in close proximity to major nerve trunk and as its growth begins to squeeze it, due to irritation of a nerve, it becomes painful.

By its size lipomas may be different. Often they reach an enormous size (20, 0 cm in diameter).

There are several types of lipoma:

  • Lipofibroma - is very soft to the touch tumor as part of which is dominated by fat cells;
  • The fibrous lipoma - in addition to its composition of fat, includes fibrous (connective) tissue. Such tumors vary considerable density and elasticity.
  • Angiolipoma (cavernous lipoma) - there are a large number of small blood vessels (capillaries).
  • Miolipoma - part of this tumor include fat and muscle tissue, giving it a lumpy appearance.

A characteristic symptom of lipoma is that a total weight loss of human dimensions of the tumor significantly increased.

Diagnosis lipomas

Lipoma is very similar in character to the tumor sebaceous glands - atheroma. Their hallmark is a place of localization. Sebaceous cysts are usually located in places where the sebaceous glands, and lipoma - in places where fat tissue. In addition, the lipoma has no trace of ductless characteristic of atheroma.

At most  Surgery to remove a lipoma
 cases at the surface location of lipomas doctor makes the correct diagnosis even during the examination of the patient. When internal lipoma used instrumental methods of diagnostics: radiography with contrast, ultrasound, computed tomography.

Lipoma: Treatment

Although lipoma is a benign tumor, refuse to treat it should not be, because there is a risk of malignancy (malignancy). Besides superficial lipomas as they grow cause aesthetic discomfort. Internal lipomas may give rise to nerve disorders and activities near them internal organs. Therefore, it is important to promptly consult a surgeon for the treatment of lipomas.

Conservative treatments for lipomas do not apply, since their inefficiency. Removing a lipoma surgically produced. During surgery, the doctor removes the contents of the lipoma and carefully scrape its capsule or removes it, allowing you to prevent relapse. Then the wound is sutured tightly.

Removal of lipomas, subject to its superficial location, performed under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting. Deep-seated or very large in size lipoma removed in hospital under general anesthesia.

Removal of lipomas can be made both using traditional open surgery or using endoscopic techniques. However, the use of methods ehndovideohirurgicheskih gives a higher percentage of recurrence of the disease than conventional surgery.

The most modern way to treat lipomas for today is to remove them by using a laser beam. Such operations are well tolerated by patients, and relapse is almost never occur. The wound after the removal of lipomas in this case very quickly heal and formed in its place the scar is almost imperceptible.

After removal of lipomas in the clinic patient can go home immediately. But he'll have to come every day to see a doctor for the treatment of joints and bandaging wounds. After removal of wound lipoma usually heals within 7 - 8 days. At the same time and carry out the removal of skin sutures.

Lipoma: national treatment

There are various methods of national treatment of lipomas. The most effective of them are considered honey and sour cream mask. For their preparation should be taken in equal proportions of fresh fat sour cream, salt and honey. The ingredients are intimately mixed and heated in a water bath. The hot mixture (but not to burn!) Is applied to the skin surface over lipoma and hold about 20 minutes. The procedures performed in a day. In the treatment of lipomas usually takes 15 - 20 masks.

While national treatment lipoma in many cases eliminates the tumor without surgery, using it without consulting a doctor should not be. Remember that sometimes a lipoma can be reborn in liposarcoma, and in this case the delay in treatment, as well as warming up procedure may lead to the spread of metastasis and death!