Lipoma of the breast

Lipoma of the breast is called a benign tumor originating from adipose tissue cells. True  Lipoma of the breast is called a benign tumor
 lipoma established mature adipose tissue and the outside is surrounded by a connective tissue capsule. Among all nodes breast tumors lipoma occurs in approximately 10% of cases.


Lipoma of the breast is a movable, painless, soft and flexible education, which has an oval or round shape. When the tumor deep in the breast tissue, it usually does not manifest itself and is found by chance during an ultrasound or mammography.

As it grew lipoma leads to deformation of the breast, and sometimes the cause of gigantomastia.

Lipoma almost never degenerates into a malignant tumor, ie, not maligniziruetsya. The literature describes isolated cases of liposarcoma of the lipoma.

Lipoma Breast Cancer: Symptoms

There is currently no known exact cause of the formation of lipomas. It is believed that their growth is associated with metabolic disorders in the body and, in particular, the processes of lipolysis (fat tissue destruction).

Diagnosis of breast lipoma

The main methods of diagnosis of lipoma of the breast are ultrasound and mammography.

On a mammogram at a lipoma find enlightenment portion having a sufficiently clear smooth contours. If you want to perform sighting shots palpable tumors.

An ultrasound revealed a lipoma as a compressible hypoechoic education.

In some cases, your doctor may prescribe a patient holding a needle biopsy of the breast lipoma with subsequent histological and cytological examination of tissue obtained.

Classification of breast lipomas

Lipomas located in the breast can be sufficiently dense capsule. They are called gnarled lipoma. Much rarer diffuse lipoma, characterized by the growth of adipose tissue without the capsule.

True lipoma consisting only of adipose tissue is very soft on palpation. If the composition includes a tumor of the connective tissue fibers, it becomes much thicker and called fibrolipoma. Also recovered angiolipomu (with a strong network of capillaries), miksolipomu (with the presence of mucilaginized tissue) and miolipomu (contain the muscle fibers).

Lipoma breast cancer: treatment

Lipoma  Some women refuse surgical treatment of lipoma of the breast
 is an entity which alone or under the influence of conservative therapy is never resolved. Therefore, the main treatment for lipomas breast cancer is surgical removal. The indications for surgery are:

  • Expressed cosmetic defect and deformation of the breast;
  • Fast-growing tumors;
  • Painful lipoma;
  • Gigantomastia (a significant increase in the size of the breast);
  • Necrosis breast tissue;
  • Rebirth in liposarcoma lipoma.

After the surgical treatment of lipoma of the breast carried out reorganization of the operating wounds, prescribe anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. To prevent the recurrence of breast lipoma woman prescribed drugs, normalize metabolism - vitamins, immunomodulators and some homeopathic remedies.

Some women, especially at the small size of the tumor, categorically refuse surgical treatment of lipoma of the breast. In this case, they should be under regular supervision of mammalogy since, although very rare, but can go into the lipoma liposarcoma. Every three months should be breast ultrasound. Every six months, a woman must undergo a mammogram and / or termomammografiyu. If you have a discharge from the nipple twice a year doing a smear-imprint for cytology. At high risk of breast malignancy lipomas be once a quarter to donate blood for tumor markers.