Bruised Knee

Knee injury - a tricky injury, so  The consequences of a knee injury may be serious enough
 as most people tend to treat it lightly. Meanwhile, the effects of the knee injury can be quite serious. The person may even stop going or lifetime suffer from severe joint pain, so do not let it go.

Unfortunately, the prevention of injuries still has not come up. But warn backfire knee injury can be timely to seek help from a doctor.

Causes and symptoms of knee injury

Children knee injury often occurs in the mind of excessive activity. As a rule, the injury occurs as a result of falling on one knee, or when a person swipes his knee on any subject. It happens that the knee joint is damaged, even after the ordinary run.

Many fell in the winter during the ice. Most often, such a fall damaged elbow and knee joints. Often knee injury can occur when excessive deviation lower leg to the side. However, this is often accompanied by even a bruise and torn ligaments. Typically, this is a fairly common injury among people involved in sports (football, acrobatics, etc.).

The very first symptom is the appearance of a knee injury sharp pain in the area of ​​the injury, which can sometimes become very strong. There is a swelling in the knee, and specific skin discoloration (hematoma). Such a symptom of a knee injury as the swelling - a consequence of the formation of bleeding in the joints (hemarthrosis) resulting damage. The victim in this case can not freely move the injured limb, since the slightest movement is experiencing a lot of pain. Sometimes, due to the strong knee injury because of a painful shock can occur even loss of consciousness.

First aid for knee injury

He suffered from a knee injury in need of first aid, which is as follows:

  • Maximization of the protection of the affected joint, the complete absence of stress on the affected limb.
  • The use of cold treatments, which cause spasm of blood vessels, which significantly reduces the scope of internal bleeding. Stop the growth of hemarthrosis is very important, because hematoma compresses the nerve endings and cause the victim severe pain.
  • Call an ambulance, but before the arrival of medical professionals need to raise sore leg as high as possible to reduce the flow of blood.

Competently provide first aid significantly affects the continuing effectiveness of the treatment and is an excellent prevention of the adverse effects of a knee injury.

Treatment knee injury

Any injury  Application procedures for the cold knee injury
 knee requires adequate treatment. If the victim the expressed pain, the doctor produces analgesia by means of various pharmacological agents. As a rule, the treatment involves the use of a knee injury of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ketanov, Analgin, diclofenac and others.

Good effect in healing the injury may have an ointment from injuries. To reduce the pain and remove the swelling, your doctor may prescribe a patient puncture of the knee with a view to suck the accumulated blood. After that, the injured spot fixing bandage is applied which restricts unnecessary movements and keep the injured area in a constant heat.

In the first days after the injury the patient is recommended not to make any sudden movements, and to keep the maximum comfort to the knee joint was able to recover faster. Typically, when a knee injury rehabilitation rather long since completely immobilize the sore knee it is not possible. During the rehabilitation of the patient, it is important to comply with treatment and physiotherapy. Well at this stage to help various ointments, of which consists of analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents: Lioton, Fastum gel Artroaktiv etc. Often, for quick healing knee injury used chondroprotective drugs, such as a cream or gel Collagen Ultra.

Good help in the treatment of knee joint can, and traditional medicine. You can use an ointment based on pork fat with the addition of plantain leaves, or ointment on the basis of cinquefoil. As a rule, to the knee is fully recovered, you need 3-4 weeks. In more severe cases, recovery time increases significantly.