Joint contractures

Brief description of the disease

Translated from the Latin contracture means "contraction." In principle, such a definition is well suited for this disease. It severely limits the mobility of the joints (pulls them) by modifying the surrounding soft tissues. This process is accompanied by severe pain, and ultimately leads to joint contracture immobility extremities.

Reasons joint contractures

  • inflammation and injury, provoking devastating the beginning of the process;
  • deformation of the bones that make up the joint, under the influence of arthrosis or arthritis;
  • loss of elasticity of the ligaments and joint capsules;
  • decreasing the length of the muscle for the propulsion of the constituent elements of the joint

The effects of the disease

 Joint contractures

In the absence of adequate weighted treatment of contracture of the knee or elbow joint leads to limb immobility (ankylosis). If the disease has progressed to this stage, it will only surgery, so do not neglect a visit to the doctor at the first unpleasant symptoms.

Note that all divided into congenital contracture (appearing as a result of hereditary defects of the musculoskeletal system) and acquired, which are formed as a result of an unfavorable external environment. Any of these can lead to very dire consequences, such as functional disorders. In particular, the contracture of the ankle does not allow a person to move around normally, leading to flat feet and limb deformities. It has a similar effect, and contracture of the knee joint.

Not less danger exhibit deformation in the upper body. Suffice it to say that the contracture of the elbow joint makes a hand full afunktsionalnoy, reduces human life to the commonplace and simple self-service employment.

Diagnosis of the disease

The main feature of adverse processes in the joints is a strong pain followed by a malfunction in the limbs. The severity of symptoms depends on the nature of the process (acute or chronic), the causes of contractures, its localization and the patient's age. For an accurate diagnosis requires a complete examination of the patient and the use of modern medical technologies such as MRI, CT and X-ray.

Treatment of joint contractures

At present, domestic and foreign clinics are used as conservative and surgical treatment of contractures. In the first case, doctors use the following measures:

  • gymnastics;
  • massotherapy;
  • physical therapy (exposure to hydrocarbons, electrophoresis);
  • medication (hormones, analgesics);
  • manual therapy (joint and muscle equipment);
  • therapeutic blockade.

 Treatment of contractures of the shoulder joint

The essence of the blockade is the introduction of specific drugs into the joint cavity. Through this joint contracture develops much more slowly. And mild pain.

In general, conservative methods aimed at restoring the normal range of motion of the limb. When used knee contracture occurs with minimal complications, particularly painful symptomatology removed almost completely disappear limit in the joint, improves muscle tone previously weakened joints and nutrient supply.

The main goal of physicians - to eliminate swelling, relieve the symptoms of inflammation, restore joint mobility. In general, modern medicine copes with these problems, but remember that the successful treatment of contracture is possible only if you have time to see a doctor.