The medical term "impotence" in the usual sense of modern man was first used back in 1655. According to the English clergyman named Thomas Fuller (Thomas Fuller) described in his historical novel of a young man's weakness representative of the royal dynasty - Edward VI. Of course, the problem of impotence has existed long before it was given to the definition of erectile dysfunction.  Impotence - impotence

Types of impotence

Types of impotence are represented by two main categories: psychological and organic.

1. Organic impotence - a condition of male impotence, increasing over time and caused only physiological causes (eg, vascular disorders ie. N.). Symptoms of impotence of organic species is either very weak erection or perfect her absence. The most characteristic feature of organic impotence is the lack of spontaneous night and morning erections holding in the normal state of the male body and 24% of the time of night rest.

2. Psychological impotence, as a rule, does not exclude the presence of spontaneous night and morning erections, but when you attempt to sexual intercourse with a partner, the erection or initially absent or disappears after a short time.

Causes of Impotence

Experts divided causes impotence on several different groups:

- Vascular;

- Endocrine;

- Neurological;

- Medication;

- Local.

It should be noted that all of the above reasons for impotence are related exclusively to the organic type of the disease, ie. E. Caused by deviations from the normal functioning of an organ or the whole system in the male body.

Practicing doctors say that pure organic impotence is quite rare. The vast majority of erectile dysfunction caused by psychosomatic factors. This means that a man's inability to carry out the sexual act only provoked the peculiarities of his psyche. As a rule, after finding and eliminating the root causes of this type of impotence (psychological factor responsible for the occurrence of the problem) male erections and the ability to commit full sexual intercourse with a partner is fully recoverable.

Symptoms of impotence

The sad statistics of disease impotence indicates that more than 35 percent of today's women in the age group between 18 and 60 years have the disorder functioning of the reproductive system in varying degrees.

For the initial symptoms include the following symptoms of impotence:

- Lack of adequate erection with sexual arousal, as well as absence of spontaneous erections during the night or early morning hours. In the case of spontaneous erections are saved and adequate erection does not occur, we are definitely talking about erectile dysfunction psychological type;

- Weak erection. Factors such as a decline in the number of erections during the day, the loss of its former elasticity of the penis during exercise may indicate sexual contact is likely, the organic impotence caused by physiological causes;

- Premature ejaculation (withhold erections). Breakdown of male genitalia, in which ejaculation occurs before the introduction of the penis and began committing frictions, usually a sure sign of venous disorders. In some of these cases, condoms help with anesthetic warning early ejaculation.

Modern scientists have proved that more than 90% of cases, erectile dysfunction is associated in some degree with psychological factors, and only 10% of cases of impotence are caused by actually organic disorders.

Treatment of impotence

The causes of impotence, as described above, can be very diverse. But only after a thorough examination of the body and determine the specific cause responsible for the loss of male potency is determined by the appropriateness of a particular method of treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The main methods of treating impotence that are used today in medical facilities:

1. psychotherapeutic methods. Used for psychogenic impotence and moreover, as a symptomatic treatment recovery period after the treatment of sexual dysfunctions of organic character.

2. Vacuum method. The process is a mechanical stimulation of the penis, and for all his faults is still used by physicians as a separate measure, or as part of an integrated treatment of erectile dysfunction.

3. The surgical method. Used in organic impotence causes of which lie in the vascular and venous disorders. The purpose of the operation - to increase blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis.

4. The injection method. This method of treatment of erectile dysfunction is injections into the erectile tissues of the penis that cause persistent vasodilation and provides quality eregirovanie penis.

 One way to treat impotence - medical

5. Medical method. Today, there is a list of certain drugs allowing men to achieve an erection is guaranteed without the use of the above methods of treatment of impotence. But most of these drugs have no less serious a list of contraindications, so doctors do not recommend medical method for permanent and the only way of treatment.

Another long to treat erectile dysfunction used time-tested, effective and harmless enough folk remedies.

Before the treatment of impotence folk remedies should consult an experienced specialist, t. To. The treatment should be focused primarily on the cause of the disease.

However, it can cause some universal folk recipes impotence treatment that can be recommended for use in all cases of impotence in men.

1. Take in equal proportions grass St. John's wort, smartweed, marigold flowers, chamomile flowers, angelica root, burdock root, coriander fruits. Two tablespoons collection brew 500 ml of boiling water. Infuse in a thermos about 12 hours. Take the infusion must be a third cup in the morning. According to the treatment of impotence herbal infusion should last at least two months. Then you need to take a break for about two weeks and continue treatment for another course.

2. Birch buds, St. John's wort grass, calamus root, sweet flag root snake, grass nettles, grass shepherd's purse, plantain leaf, thyme herb, grass centaury - in equal shares. Take two tablespoons of herbal and brew in a thermos 500 ml of boiling water. Take a course of two months, then a break and repeat the treatment of impotence again.

For maximum effect, you can change the above fees herbs. Maximum results can be achieved after a few courses admission fitosborov. Before using herbal infusions should be familiar with contraindications.