Hyperhidrosis - Treatment and Prevention
 Translated from the Latin prefix "hyper" means the excess of the norm, and "hydro" - water. It refers to excessive sweating, which, in turn, is divided into local and general. Hyperhidrosis is caused by a range of diseases from skin to endocrine. However, the sweating mechanism is always the same.

Mechanism of hyperhidrosis

Human skin has two types of sweat glands secretion: ekkrinnye and apocrine. In total, at different parts of the body it is about 2 million glands. Their high density observed in the armpits, on the palms and feet. The main role in the play apocrine perspiration glands, they secrete sweat with a mixture of organic matter, so if there is a smell of hyperhidrosis. Apocrine glands develop after three years, so babies and young children do not give the individual body odor. Kids always "smell delicious," but after three years of life in children hyperhidrosis manifests itself in the same way as in adults.

Apocrine glands have sympathetic innervation, that is directly dependent on the released adrenaline. Local hyperhidrosis is usually caused by the nervous reaction, so it is often referred to as one of the manifestations of neurotic disorders. But not every neurosis is accompanied by excessive sweating of palms, for the manifestation of hyperhidrosis requires certain conditions - changes in the structure of skin glands. In most cases, the configuration of apocrine glands is genetically determined, that is inherited. Increased hormonal activity of the thyroid gland also leads to expansion of the ducts of the sweat glands.

When the temperature of the environment, triggered thermoregulation center, releasing moisture to create a protective film over the skin surface. After receiving a hot, spicy food or alcohol takes a similar reaction. Sympathetic nerve fibers give a signal to the gland and they begin secretion. In pathological hyperhidrosis sweating begins without additional stimulation. A man need only to think about what his hands will now be wet, and immediately starts the secretion of the stress hormone - adrenaline. And his hands, indeed, become damp. The same thing happens in other places apocrine glands localization: in the armpits, on the face, feet.

Underarm hyperhidrosis

The most common form of increased secretion of sweat glands is observed in the armpits, hyperhidrosis underarm or axillary hyperhidrosis .  With the same frequency disease seen in men and women in his youth .  With age, the nervous regulation comes back to normal, and the women a form of hyperhidrosis suffer less .  There is a syndrome, sweating naked when the patient takes off the clothes during the examination starts sweating of the armpits are so abundant that the sweat dripping jet .  And on the right side ("working") is significantly underarm hyperhidrosis .  Histological examination of the sweat glands of patients detected kistoobraznoe expansion of sweat glands - when the duct is formed in the forward cavity which does not fall down, but always filled with contents .  At the first pulse of the sympathetic nervous system, which is not governed by the will of man, begins the secretion of sweat glands .

Hyperhidrosis Stop

Increased sweating of the feet (hyperhidrosis feet) brings a lot of trouble to man. In some cases the disease progresses so that patients feel like feet squish shoes. Patients with hyperhidrosis stop the socks have to change several times a day. Thus legs are painted in the color of tights or socks, stands a foul odor. Skin macerated on it microcracks in which fungi colonized. The developed mycosis enhances manifestation of hyperhidrosis feet, formed a vicious circle. People suffering from excessive sweating feet begin to shun contact with the community and need to be treated by a neurologist, and often, a psychiatrist.

Hyperhidrosis of the palms

Sweating in the palms of gravity has several forms:

  • Easy - wet palms formed a few drops of sweat;
  • Average - palms wet, sweat running down;
  • Heavy - hands wet so that rubbing a towel gives only a temporary effect. Sweat streams continue to flow, stimulation of receptors only enhances manifestation hyperhidrosis of the palms so that leads to a state of dehydration.

In the winter, sweating does not stop, it accumulates in gloves and mittens, making hands freeze, but even on a cold, bruised skin, sweat appear. Hyperhidrosis of the palms is a huge psychological problem. Man begins to avoid the company develops an inferiority complex, which greatly exacerbates the disease.

Hyperhidrosis treatment

In the treatment of local sweating based on many factors:

  • Mental Disorders;
  • The degree of severity;
  • Skin complications.

When sweating is a symptom of a disease, the treatment of hyperhidrosis is to combat the main diseases. When endocrine disorders reached a normal level of hormones in the blood, diabetes - glucose. Neurasthenia to be treated in a neuropsychiatric clinic. Hereditary diseases subject to the maximum correction. Making the sympathetic nervous system to stop responding to stimuli is impossible, but to interrupt the pathological reflex arc, modern medicine is quite capable.

Drug effects in the treatment of hyperhidrosis include general and local funds. When local forms used antiperspirants - drugs that inhibit the separation of sweat due to the tightening effect in the skin glands. Use products that contain formaldehyde, which causes coagulation epithelium. As a result, the sweat glands are tapered, their functional activity decreases.

Intradermal injection of botulinum toxin for hyperhidrosis, blocks the receptors, interrupting the reflex arc for a long period of time, from two to eight months. With the same purpose held physiotherapy: electrophoresis, UHF, inductothermy.

 Underarm hyperhidrosis - a problem of modern man
 When a local hyperhidrosis of the palms, feet and armpits are not amenable to therapeutic intervention, surgical methods are used:

  • Sympathectomy - transection of the nerve fiber, regulating the activity of sweat glands;
  • Percutaneous removal of sweat glands laser, carbon dioxide, alcohol;
  • Aspiration curettage - a kind miniliposaktsiya under local anesthesia. Used in underarm hyperhidrosis, removal of subcutaneous fat in these areas leads to the destruction of sweat glands.

In less severe treatment of hyperhidrosis is carried out with the help of powders, psychotherapy, deodorants.

Hyperhidrosis, even hereditary be treated, it is important to consult a doctor.