Brief description of the disease

Hidradenitis - a disease which is associated with inflammation of the sweat glands. Since the maximum concentration observed in the armpits, then hydradenitis often occurs precisely in the armpits. Aggravating factors are untidiness, poor hygiene of the body and excessive sweating. They cause inflammation of the sebaceous gland, which is growing rapidly in size and resembles a cow's udder. Call hydradenitis are some other reasons such as the restructuring of the endocrine system or lowered immunity. If the patient is diagnosed with hidradenitis treatment includes a set of methods - from restorative treatments before surgery and the use of popular recipes.

Hydradenitis - symptoms

 Hydradenitis under his arm

When inflammation of the sweat glands in the armpit appears tight knot (sometimes several nodes), which is located under the skin at first, and then begins to protrude above the surface. The size of education ranges from 0, 5 to 3 cm. From the boils and other purulent inflammations hydradenitis easily distinguished by the characteristic purple-bluish tint.

Note that the inflammatory process can move from one to the other sweat glands, as well as capturing several excretory ducts. The most common hydradenitis under his arm, but not uncommon occurrence of formations in the pubic and umbilical area or in the area of ​​the scalp and neck.

Among the main symptoms, allowing to diagnose the disease, it should be noted:

  • the emergence of a dense knot, which rises above the surface of the skin;
  • constant itching in the area of ​​inflammation and sometimes sharp pains;
  • fever;
  • if untreated form scars and fistulous passages comedones (blackheads).

Hydradenitis - treatment with standard medication methods

Inflamed portion treated disinfectants and antiseptic preparations. The most effective show that antibacterial soap, tincture of iodine 5%, 2% boric alcohol, neomycin (ointment) and a lotion 2% clindamycin solution. When diagnosed with hidradenitis, treatment should be accompanied by regular hygiene and body care. In the later stages the patient is recommended surgical treatment. It consists in opening and excision of lesions of tissues and removal of sinus tracts. Operational techniques are applied in cases where the conservative treatment does not lead to the expected results.

Patients assigned necessarily antimicrobial therapy: doxycycline (100 mg., 2 times a day), tetracycline (250 mg., 3-4 times a day), erythromycin (to 0, '25, 3-4 times a day). The treatment lasts about 14 days.

If a person has been recurrent hidradenitis treatment involves conducting specific immunotherapy, in which used gamma globulin and staphylococcal vaccines.

In most cases, the treatment prognosis is favorable, but be aware that inflammation is rarely disappear on their own. Even if it happened, the disease is still manifest themselves later, so when reasonable suspicion to hydradenitis you need to see a doctor immediately to avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of scars and fistulas.

Among preventive measures include hygiene, prevention of overweight, excluding cosmetics and perfumes, is irritating to the skin.

Hydradenitis - a popular treatment of the disease

When the inflammation is necessary to ensure patient comfort and to change the standard diet on foods rich in vitamins and trace elements. Among the time-tested folk remedies, we can highlight the following recipes:

  • Aloe vera leaves thoroughly washed with warm water, cut the length and applied to the affected area. By themselves, the leaves of aloe are not able to cure the disease, but they have a bactericidal effect and perfectly combined with other tools;
  • fresh plantain leaves kneaded in the hands of as long as the juice will start up. After that they put on the hydradenitis under his arm for 15-20 minutes 3-4 times a day. Good efficacy has fresh juice and plantain;
  • fresh celery leaves are washed in warm water, warm up and apply to the affected area several times a day;
  • in the diagnosis of hidradenitis, folk remedies can be combined with a solution of sea salt. Preparing it this way: in a glass of warm boiled water dissolve 2 tsp. Dry sea salt. The resulting mixture is filtered through several layers of gauze and applied to the washing of the inflamed areas 4-5 times a day;
  • one teaspoon of chamomile flowers, sage, eucalyptus and marigold boiled water. The solution is then filtered and infused throughout the day. Irrigate inflamed area should be several times a day.

If a person is diagnosed with hidradenitis, folk treatment can successfully replace surgical and other traditional methods, but before you apply herbal teas and infusions - check with your doctor or consult an experienced homeopath.