Human papillomavirus

 A woman infected with human papillomavirus

Human papillomavirus infection - a group of viral diseases, the hallmark of which is the formation of warts on the skin and mucous membranes of various organs. In addition to HPV characteristic relapsing course and is highly contagious. Since the human papillomavirus in men and women is easily transmitted sexually, the virus often found in the urogenital region.

HPV is the causative agent of a group of viruses of the family Papavaviridae. Currently there are more than a hundred species of human papillomavirus in men and women, and about 70 of them studied well enough. Scientists have found that certain types of HPV can affect certain types of epithelium and cause characteristic changes in tissue.

Sources papillomavirus infection

The source of HPV is always a person. It should be noted that as the carrier agents can act even healthy people. Typically, human papillomavirus in men and women does not manifest itself, but is a strong body to survive a stressful situation or other adverse external influences, it is activated and leads to many complications. Transmission is carried out by direct skin contact and interaction of the mucous membranes, including during intercourse. Pregnant women can transmit pathogens to the fetus, and then the child was originally born sick.

Symptoms of HPV

When the disease human papillomavirus in men and women mainly infection manifests itself by external signs.

Genital warts - often located on the mucosal surfaces of the labia minora, cervix, vagina, around the urethra. Human papillomavirus in men manifests itself on the inner surface of the foreskin and around the glans penis. Warts are very difficult to see with the naked eye, so if in any doubt about the presence of infection feel the best place possible emergence of atypical formations in search of irregularities. Many people do not pay attention to them, considering the anatomical feature, but actually mucosa external genitalia is always smooth and free of all foreign bumps on it should not be.

The warts (papillomas) - affect the skin. They are sometimes confused with benign tumors, but the diagnosis of human papilloma virus symptoms may disappear and appear again, because they have a viral nature. With such benign course, it does not occur.

Merge warts - if untreated HPV warts separate fuse and form a single entity colored seaweed. These symptoms are common to several other infections, in particular for HIV, so the diagnosis should be dealt with only by qualified experts.

Flat warts on the surface of the cervix - one of the most dangerous manifestations of HPV, as evidence of the neglect of chronic disease and the development process. Chronic human papillomavirus in women can lead to various complications and even cause cancer of the uterus. Patients showing a biopsy and histological studies that distinguish flat papilloma other types of entities.

A few words about the possible complications. Pathogens papillomavirus have their own DNA. Consequently, with the defeat of the merging virus DNA and epithelium. Nuclei in these modified cells change shape and color. With time division mutated cells takes uncontrolled character, which results in the degeneration of genetic disorders and cancers in normal tissues.

Human papillomavirus - the treatment of the disease

 Drug for the treatment of human papillomavirus

To remove warts and epithelial izmennennogo used a variety of methods:

  • Chemical - moxibustion Solkoderm, TCA or ferezolom;
  • fiziohirurgicheskie - excision, laser therapy, cryo - and electroprocedures;
  • Cytotoxic - applique podophyllin or podophyllotoxin.

When the diagnosis of human papillomavirus treatment podrazumevat receiving restorative and stimulant drugs: vitamins C, E, B6, adaptogens, immunomodulators, interferon preparations. All vysheperichislennye means are used for local treatment, and for carrying out overall therapy. Due to anatomical features, women can take drugs in the form of vaginal suppositories.

Prevention of human pappilomavirusa

First, you need to minimize the impact of risk factors. To do this is to give up:

  • early onset of sexual activity;
  • random partner change;
  • irregular use of condoms;
  • sexual relations with a man, who appeared warts or who had a sexual relationship with a woman with cancer of the uterus;
  • excessive smoking and drinking alcohol.

Of course, you should regularly visit the gynecologist and timely treat genital infections appeared. Remember that the human papillomavirus in men and women leads to serious consequences, so better to be safe and prevent them than to spend the best years of his life to the treatment.