Hilez is a general definition of pathological condition, indicating the presence in the blood of fat microparticles (chylous serum)  Hilez blood - a glut of blood plasma chylous serum
 which do not allow an accurate analysis of blood.

The causes and symptoms of blood Hilez

Hilez blood is a condition in which there is a glut of blood plasma chylous serum. As a result of the processing in a centrifuge blood becomes thick and viscous, and its components can not be studied and analyzed.

The main reasons Hilez blood include:

  • improper preparation of the patient to a blood test (eating fatty foods, alcohol, etc.) and a large accumulation of lipids in the blood;
  • pathological processes and metabolic diseases with the presence of an uncontrolled release of trace elements;
  • diseases of liver and kidneys, leading to an increase in blood chylous serum.

One reason Hilez a large amount of impurities in the blood lymph caused by disturbances in the lymphatic system.

When Hilez blood manifest common symptoms associated with obesity, metabolic disorders, and stress on the liver.

Effects of blood Hilez

In addition to Hilez does not allow for an accurate analysis of the blood and determine the status of the human body, as it is a symptom of various diseases and disorders of the functioning of organs. The consequences can be Hilez diseases:

  • the cardiovascular system, including hypertension, angina, atherosclerosis;
  • the musculoskeletal system, including arthritis, gout and arthritis;
  • disorders of cholesterol metabolism;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • lymphatic system;
  • thyroid gland.

Treatment Hilez

Method Hilez treatment prescribed by a doctor in accordance with the diagnostic indications and the patient's condition. Before the appointment of treatment shall consult, which consist of two stages - surveys (inspections), and laboratory tests.

Primarily,  Diagnosis Hilez
 necessary to identify the causes of the disease and eliminate them, then you should pick up individual therapy to prevent complications and to prevent progression. The structure of drug therapy should include drugs that act on all the causes of the pathological condition.

In the first place to reduce the concentration in the blood serum chylous patient is prescribed a special diet that excludes fatty, flour, spicy and salty foods.

The second stage of treatment is Hilez prescriptions to improve the functioning of the liver and increased metabolism.

In order to become more liquid blood, frequent use prescribe still mineral water and drinking water with the addition of lemon juice. If necessary to cleanse the lymph should drink a special infusion of garlic and dill.

Hilez Treatment will be more effective if patients will eat organic food, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, infusions from the leaves of raspberry and currant.