Types of Hemorrhoids

Statistical data on the incidence of hemorrhoids - harsh and disappointing. According to these data at risk, having a chance to get in his hospital record card "hemorrhoids" refers, almost a quarter of the adult population. The main danger of hemorrhoids is a particular place of localization of the disease.

This is delicate because many patients prefer, or do not think about their place in the pathological changes of the body, or engaged in self-treatment of hemorrhoids at home and trigger the disease to the most extreme stage. In the latter case, to help the patient may only surgery and surgery on hemorrhoids - the procedure is extremely painful, with large blood loss and requires a very long rehabilitation period.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

The total and rapid increase in the number of cases of this serious disease in our days due to the large number of causes of hemorrhoids, provoking him. This is due primarily to the sedentary and mostly sedentary lifestyle typical of modern man. In the absence of the necessary motor activity occurs venous stasis in the pelvic region, which is the main reason for hemorrhoids. That is why people seating professions (drivers, programmers, accountants, other office workers, etc.) rank as the main risk.

Another common cause of hemorrhoids in women during childbirth and are carrying a child. During pregnancy, squeezed the large vessels located in the rectum and overflow occurs cavernous venous blood. The result becomes - advanced components in the rectum, a condition that aggravates the process strained attempts at delivery.

Also, the main causes of hemorrhoids is absolutely necessary to classify chronic constipation. Reinforced attempts during the act of defecation, impaired blood flow, and total violation of the formation and movement of stool in the rectum, will inevitably lead to the fact that sooner or later, without treatment, constipation complicated another accompanying disease - chronic hemorrhoids. If you decide to go hydrocolonotherapy, contraindications it while you do not, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Types of Hemorrhoids

In the place of occurrence of hemorrhoids disease is divided into two main types: internal hemorrhoids and external.

For external hemorrhoids nodes are formed in the vicinity of the anus, in this regard, their sensitivity often breaks the surface and there is bleeding bright red blood. Pain in the external hemorrhoids quite sharp and strong, but in terms of self-diagnosis of this type does not present any difficulty.

Interior view of hemorrhoids, although carries a much more serious threat to health is often different complete absence of pain (especially at the initial stage of the disease). This fact is explained by the fact that hemorrhoids are deep inside, and their surface is the same insensitive rectal mucosa, which it is lined.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

The insidiousness of this terrible disease is primarily that hidden from the eyes of the symptoms of hemorrhoids are slightly pronounced and developed gradually, initially without causing particular anxiety in a sick person.

 Symptoms of hemorrhoids

At the initial stage of the disease, usually completely absent pain. The only symptom of hemorrhoids at this stage, indicates the beginning of the disease, can be bursting with a feeling of heaviness and burning in anus after defecation, but it is often the first alarm bell remains without due attention to the patient.

In the future, without the proper treatment of the symptoms of hemorrhoids are beginning to take a more menacing character. Pain syndrome of varying intensity accompanied by daily bowel movement process. In some cases, it begins the so-called hemorrhoidal bleeding, loss of nodes from the rectum to the outside.

And even in this period of the disease, flippant attitude towards their health and sense of false shyness may keep many patients from going to a medical facility for treatment of hemorrhoids and receiving qualified medical assistance. Some are engaged in reduction dropped from the rectum hemorrhoids (at the beginning of the disease it is really easy to implement on their own), but after the hemorrhoid becomes more severe and bumps in a human patient are constantly outside.

The treatment of hemorrhoids

Mass advertising a variety of products, offering to do self-treatment for hemorrhoids at home, without any qualms exploiting the theme of natural human restraint and can eventually cause human klyunuvshego this commercial "bait" on the operating table under the surgeon's scalpel.

In the case of such a serious disease such as hemorrhoids, self-diagnosis and self-medication - are unacceptable, especially when it comes to the formation of internal hemorrhoids, accompanied by profuse bleeding.

It is vital to set aside false shame and seek an experienced proctologist. Only he will be able to determine the degree of neglect of the disease and to appoint only correct treatment of hemorrhoids. With timely treatment to the doctor and well-appointed complex therapeutic procedures in most cases, to get rid of hemorrhoid surgery is not required.