Due to internal bleeding in the tissues of the muscles, or in some cases formed cavity filled with blood. In medicine, this phenomenon is called hematomas, and it actually has little to do with the usual superficial bruises. This fact is linked to the fact that complications arising after bruising (depending on the place of their location) can be very serious and quite unpredictable. Regularly occurring extensive hematoma formed as a result of even minor bumps and bruises, may indicate, for example, of such serious diseases as atherosclerosis, or hemophilia. Therefore, it is important not to leave bruises constantly appearing without proper attention and time to time to seek professional medical help to determine the exact cause and treatment.

To distinguish a hematoma from the usual bruise is quite simple:

- Education hematoma felt a sharp pain;

- Swelling at the site of injury;

- A local increase in temperature (hot surface of the skin to the touch);

- Limited mobility and the proper functioning of muscles.

Reasons hematomas

The reasons often include hematoma traumatic effect on the soft tissue - bruising, hitting, pinching, squeezing, etc. The main mechanism of formation of hematoma is in the rupture of blood vessels. The size of the hematoma, the severity of her condition and the treatment time is directly dependent on the number of damaged vessels, their size and localization.

In the same vein, experts are divided on the subcutaneous hematoma and formed on the internal organs. In the latter case, the degree of damage, the potential danger for the patient and the appointment of a competent treatment of hematomas are determined solely in a medical hospital. The need for compulsory treatment in a medical facility due to the fact that the accumulation of blood in the bodies responsible for the operation of life-supporting systems of the body, for example, with a hematoma of the brain, in a short time can lead to total disability of the patient, or even death.

Types of hematomas

The most dangerous of haematomas are the following varieties:

- Hematoma in pregnancy. All the more common disorders during childbearing becomes retrochorial hematoma. Suffice it to life-threatening fetal and maternal rejection occurs as a result of detachment of the ovum by chorionic placenta. In place of the power of detachment stopped the ovum and a hematoma is formed, sometimes very large sizes. The consequence retrochorial hematoma during pregnancy can be spontaneous abortion, missed abortion, fetal hypoxia, intrauterine growth retardation and other diseases.

- Cerebral hematoma. Most often it occurs as a result of traumatic impact - impact or fall. The most common frontal and temporal brain hematoma. To confirm the diagnosis of the patient is assigned to conduct brain tomography examination.

- Epidural hematoma. This type of hematoma is an accumulation of blood clots in the epidural space (under the surface of the skull).

 Symptoms hematomas
 - Subdural hematoma. Formed in the space between the arachnoid and the solid membranes of the brain. It is considered the most dangerous type of bruising, due to the fact that almost always leads to abnormalities in brain activity. There is, as a rule, patients in the age group older than sixty years.

Symptoms hematomas

It is clearly diagnosed symptoms characteristic of hematomas include:

- Pain;

- The availability of limited swelling in the area of ​​injury;

- Changes in skin color from red-purple to greenish-yellow;

- For internal bruises typical symptoms are signs of compression of internal organs.

Treatment of hematomas

The need and choice of tactics of treatment of hematomas is determined by experts and, above all it depends on the species. But if you are completely confident that the hematoma is superficial, and you will be able to cope with her own treatment, it is possible to recommend to use the following remedies for hematomas.

If a hematoma that occurred in front of the head as soon as possible to apply a cold compress (best of all - the ice) to the damaged area. As a result of exposure to cold will occur sharp narrowing of blood vessels and hematoma cease to grow in size.

In case of injury, resulting in the limbs, in the best possible remedy is to impose a tight hematoma, a pressure bandage. In this case, you must be especially attentive to the condition, monitor the temperature of the body and general feelings, because it is likely that the process of sucking the blood clot will proceed insufficiently active, may be festering in the hematoma and then require emergency medical care.

At the slightest suspicion of occurrence of cerebral hematoma, and subdural, epidural hematoma or retrochorial completely excluded the possibility of self-medication. The patient must be urgently admitted to hospital for the necessary diagnostic tests for the presence of hematoma of the brain, and provide qualified assistance.

Folk remedies for hematomas

 Treatment of hematoma badyagoy
 In traumatic lesions of small size, you can use the following recipes of folk remedies for hematomas:

- Vodka compress (gauze soak vodka and put on a hematoma, wrap polyethylene is best applied at night);

- Saline dressing (two tablespoons of salt dissolved in 100 ml of water, soak a clean cloth with a solution prepared from natural fibers, strengthening salt lotion on the spot bruises with an elastic bandage);

- A poultice of a mixture of vodka and vinegar (100 ml and 100 ml of vodka diluted vinegar mixed with 500 ml of cold boiled water, and the solution to soak the fabric and put a bandage on the area of ​​injury);

- A mixture of radish juice and mustard powder (mix the ingredients until the pulp, put on hematite and hold for a while until you feel a burning sensation tolerated, then rinse with water at room temperature, for the most effective result - this wrap is recommended to impose daily).