Brief description of the disease

 Hemarthrosis knee

Hemarthrosis - it is one of the most frequent and most specific manifestation of hemophilia, which is bleeding into the joints. The first symptoms usually manifest themselves in age from 1 year to 3 years, and then accompany the person for the rest of life, causing unbearable pain. Typically, patients diagnosed hemarthrosis knee, however, also possible hemorrhage in the elbow, ankle, shoulder and hip joints. The cause of the disease are a variety of injuries, intra-articular damage, injuries.

Hemarthrosis - symptoms and the clinical picture of the disease

The majority of adverse changes in the hemarthrosis associated with increased intra-articular pressure and disruption of normal circulation. As a result, blood cells begin disintegrating influence on the surrounding tissue, which eventually become alien to the body and characteristics. This process leads to a change in a smooth cartilage and further hemarthrosis, treatment is not carried out or carried out incorrectly may cause complete destruction of the joint.

Characteristic signs hemarthrosis - is swelling and swelling in the joints, pain, limited mobility. The latter is associated with the formation of scar tissue that builds up in the space of the joint and cause irreversible changes.

Hemarthrosis of the knee - the treatment of the disease

Immediately, we note that the first adverse symptoms you should seek medical attention immediately. Timely diagnosis will save you from many problems and minimize the risk of severe complications and joint immobility. Treatment involves hemarthrosis substitution treatment. In most cases, a one-time administration of the drug is able to remove almost all of the sudden bleeding.

 Treatment of knee hemarthrosis

Launched Hemarthrosis to be treated for whatever reason, was appointed too late, requires reconstructive orthodontics - operation aimed at restoring joint mobility. It may involve a variety of techniques. In particular, hemarthrosis knee cured by removing blood and subsequent introduction into the joint Kenalog or hydrocortisone. This, incidentally, is both the most secure method of treatment, but surgery should be performed immediately after the first hemorrhage, which ensures 100% recovery of joint mobility and preserving their health for many years.

Another promising treatment for hemorrhage - a joint replacement. In this case, replace the private physicians human artificial joint prosthesis, which is made of an alloy of titanium and teflon. Thus it is possible to treat any hemarthrosis gravity. Most importantly, the prosthesis is not rejected by the body as made of neutral materials.

To prevent the occurrence of bleeding used drugs that increase blood clotting. They are prescribed for severe injuries and injuries of joints, but the best way to avoid hemarthrosis is still observing the elementary caution in sports.

If you do not trust Hemostatic agents, the treatment of hemarthrosis of the knee joint can be carried out with the help of folk remedies. In most cases, homeopaths recommend taking infusions and decoctions of various herbs - oregano, yarrow, nettle and lagohilusa.