Overall the body hyperthermia, heat stroke is otherwise called, is a pathological condition associated with dysfunction of the heat and electrolyte balance.

If heat stroke deleterious effects of high temperatures violates stable condition and working order removes from the four basic life support systems of the human body:

- Respiratory;

- Cardiovascular;

- Endocrine

- Urinary.

If a person already has any disease and disturbances in the normal functioning of at least one of the above systems, the heat stroke can happen to them, even at quite low ambient temperature (not exceeding the level of 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius).

The need for immediate assistance if heat stroke is caused by a rapidly advancing dehydration and heat dysfunction.
  Causes of heat stroke

Causes of heat stroke are embedded in a complex and multifactorial mechanism of action of hyperthermia on the human body. According to physiologists in a significant and prolonged overheating of the body of a healthy adult human is capable of losing up to five liters of sweat. As everyone knows, the sweat - it is not only liquid, but also so necessary for normal functioning of many systems of the body sodium (which is why the sweat salty).

As a result of heat stroke violations occur most complex chemical processes at the cellular level. Inadequate fluid intake during this period (needed to restore water and sodium balance), and the lack of first aid for heat stroke in many cases leads to permanent health consequences and death.

Symptoms of heat stroke

The victim of hyperthermia person usually experience the following symptoms of heat stroke:

- Redness of the skin;

- headache;

- Nausea;

- Dizziness;

- Shortness of breath;

- Increased heart rate and heart rate;

- A general lack of energy;

- The feeling of dryness in the mouth and extreme thirst;

- Heartaches pressing nature;

- Heavy sweating;

- Muscle pain in the back and limbs;

- Decrease in urination;

- Improving the overall body temperature (above 41 ° C).

In the case of critical condition suffered from heat stroke to the symptoms mentioned above, can join:

- A sharp facial pallor;

- Dilated pupils;

- Cessation of sweating;

- Convulsions;

- Light-headedness;

- Coma.

First aid for heat stroke

 Symptoms of heat stroke
 Timely provision of first aid for heatstroke is a prerequisite for maintaining health, and the very life of the victim.

While on vacation in direct sunlight, special attention should be given to children. Heat stroke can occur in a child suddenly and complications develop very rapidly, so it is important to have time to properly assess the situation and take the necessary first aid measures.

The first thing to do in cases of suspected heat stroke, move the victim is a man with an open and sunny location in any, even the shadow of lace.

Then, to cool the victim's head (using wet compresses or simply spraying it with cold water).

If the temperature necessary to take independent action to reduce it (vodka wiping receiving antipyretic drugs, etc.).

Before the arrival of the doctor it is necessary to take care of giving the correct posture affected by heatstroke man - his head must be flush with the body, is necessary to avoid excessive tilting of the head and neck sharp bend.

Often illness or injury can take us by surprise when we are away from home. In severe cases you may need urgent transportation of the patient to another city by plane. Usually in such severe conditions the patient can not move independently and reach the place of departure. To carry the patient to the airport will help network ambulance "Oh How It Hurts"