headache tablets

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   pharmacy you choose a medication for a headache. And so many of them in the window is that the eyes diverge. What kind of headache pills still choose? And why in one pharmacy, they are sold as antipyretics, other - as a means of headache?

Groups of headache pills

Despite the large number of names of headache pills, all of them can be conditionally divided into three groups:

  • Acetylsalicylic acid, also known as aspirin. This name can be found in the part of the combined drugs. For example, Asfen - preparation of which consists of aspirin and phenacetin.
  • Phenylbutazone, analgin, aminopyrine. Phenylbutazone without a prescription can only be purchased in the form of ointments.
  • Paracetamol and phenacetin.

Each of these groups of headache pills is different. So do not be superfluous to consult with your doctor.

For example, aspirin is one of the most powerful painkillers that can be bought without a prescription. Moreover, it is effective in any pain, but most of all for pain inflammatory (inflammation of the nerves, sprains, flux, etc.). Aspirin effectively relieve edema caused by inflammation. Well it helps with pleurisy, pneumonia, tonsillitis, thrombophlebitis, acute respiratory diseases. However, as an antipyretic Aspirin should be avoided as it causes sweating, which is harmful. The patient needs to recover the fresh air, and if he sweats, it is impossible to ventilate the room.

There aspirin and contraindications. For example, you can not take these pills for headaches pregnant. Pregnant women in the first trimester generally contraindicated in any drugs. Do not take these pills for headaches for children under 12 years of age. Aspirin is absolutely contraindicated people suffering from peptic ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer and stomach, asthma, hyperacidity gastritis and other ulcerative diseases of the intestine. Precautions should be taken aspirin for people with reduced blood clotting, impaired hearing and prone to allergic reactions.

Analgin and Amidopyrine are the most versatile means. They not only effectively removes the headache, but have antipyretic and anti-inflammatory action. But these pills for a headache is not recommended for people with reduced white blood cell count (white blood cells). Not prescribe them also in kidney and heart edema, since they have the ability to retain water in the body. Precautions should be taken to patients with bronchial asthma.

Paracetamol is preferably used not for headaches, and as an antipyretic agent that does not have significant side effects. Often include paracetamol in the headache pills to children, but to their use should be carefully read the instructions, and even better to consult a doctor. Do not take acetaminophen for people with diseases of the liver and kidneys.

What makes the combined pill for a headache?

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 a natural question: why there are so many names of headache pills? I not have been better to choose some of the best produce and only them. Unfortunately, we can not, because these drugs do not repeat each other, but complement.

For example, everyone knows the name of headache pills "Piranal", where the main active ingredients are Amidopyrine and analgin. It would seem, what to include in the composition of these two tablets the same active ingredients? It is not that simple. It is known that they have a different speed steps. Analgin begins to act quickly and just as quickly cease to have effect, and Amidopyrine acts slowly, but long. Thus, by combining them, we get a drug that takes effect rapidly and has a lasting effect.

Therefore, by mixing two or more active component, one can obtain a highly effective cure for headaches.

What kind of headache tablets to choose?

Before choosing a pill for a headache, it is necessary to take into account many factors. For example, the young and the elderly will not do the same drugs. Elderly better to prefer tablets without caffeine, whereas children and young people, he, on the contrary, will only benefit.

When cataracts upper respiratory tract, tonsillitis, flu and acute respiratory infections perfect Antigrippin. In its structure there is acetylsalicylic acid, vitamin C, diphenhydramine, vitamin P.

If aspirin for any reason you are contraindicated note Pirafen drug (combination of phenacetin and amidopirina). Pirafen well suited as headache pills to children.

To date, it produced a huge number of new drugs that have a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. But do not take them without prior consultation with the doctor. Especially it is not necessary to choose the headache tablets to pregnant women.

Keep in mind that if you can endure the headache without pills, you should not take the medication. But before using any new medication should consult a physician. Only a doctor can assess the benefits of various headache pills for each person.