Headache in pregnancy

Headache in pregnancy occurs quite often. Most often it hurts future mother in the first and third  Headache in pregnancy occurs quite often
   trimesters, but sometimes it throughout the period of pregnancy.

Before you try to remove yourself a headache during pregnancy, should evaluate the location and nature of the pain, its duration, as well as to clarify the circumstances that contribute to the attack. Causes of headaches during pregnancy can be very different and sometimes very difficult to install them, but to find out what factors trigger it and try to eliminate them entirely possible.

Headaches during pregnancy: Causes

Pregnant headaches often occur as a result of neurological disease - migraine. In this case, they are pulsating in nature and are localized in only one half of the head. During a severe attack, they may be joined nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances. The development of a migraine attack may provoke the following factors:

  • Food - the use of citrus, chocolate, cheese;
  • Physical - fatigue, sleep deprivation, strong odors, noise, flashing lights;
  • Climate - a sharp change in weather conditions;
  • Stress.

Another cause of headaches during pregnancy is the tension of the muscles of the head. Such pain covers all head and has an average intensity. Women say that they hurt to touch the hair, they often have the feeling that if the head is strapped tight hoop. Such a headache during pregnancy often creates long-term presence of women in an uncomfortable position for it (for example, when working on the computer), physical and mental fatigue.

Suffice severe headache during pregnancy occurs as a result of low (hypotension) or high (hypertension) blood pressure. Hypotension is usually characteristic of the first trimester of pregnancy, especially if it is accompanied by a phenomenon of early toxicity. Hypertension may occur in the second half of pregnancy and is a symptom of preeclampsia - a late toxicosis. Severe headache during pregnancy in the third trimester is often a sign of pre-eclampsia - a life-threatening woman and fetus pregnancy complications requiring urgent medical care in an intensive care unit and intensive care.

Other causes of headaches during pregnancy are vascular dystonia, hormonal changes and cervical osteochondrosis.

In addition, the cause of headaches in the future mom can be hormonal changes, dystonia, cervical osteochondrosis.

Headaches during pregnancy: treatment and prevention

Headaches during pregnancy, as we have said, there are many women. Their treatment should be administered only by a physician, since not all drugs are safe for fetal development.

Most cases of headache during pregnancy can be prevented by simple methods:

  • Observe the mode of the day and did not overdo it;
  • Stick to a balanced diet;
  • Avoid noisy and stuffy places;
  • Consume a sufficient amount of mineral water, which will allow you to avoid deficiency of mineral substances and liquids;
  • When sedentary work every hour make small breaks during which must perform simple gymnastic exercises, allowing muscles to lift head, neck and shoulder girdle over-voltage;
  • As often as possible to stroll in the fresh air and ventilate the room regularly.

Often relieve headaches in pregnancy is possible and without the use of medication. Take the most  Headache during pregnancy can be removed without the use of medicines
   comfortable position of the body and try to sleep. The room should be darkened and well ventilated. When even a small amount of sleep for their headache usually resolves on its own.

When tension headaches well to a gentle massage of the scalp and neck. When migraine many pregnant women brings relief cold compress is superimposed on the frontal or temporal area of ​​the head.

If the headache is caused by low blood pressure during pregnancy, then to raise blood pressure should drink a glass of hot sweet strong tea.

In cases where you do not help these methods or headache occurs frequently, you should contact your doctor who will prescribe the treatment of headaches during pregnancy, taking into account the reasons that cause it.

Headaches during pregnancy: when to seek emergency medical attention?

There are certain situations when a woman with a headache during pregnancy should always consult a doctor. These include:

  • The character of the pain attack or pain becomes almost constant;
  • Headache occurs in the morning, right after a night's sleep;
  • The headache occurs on the background of arterial hypotension or hypertension;
  • Pain has a clear localization.

Severe headache during pregnancy, especially if it is combined with nausea, vomiting, impaired vision or hearing, skin sensitivity and / or motor function requires immediate delivery in pregnant maternity hospital, where she can be given timely and comprehensive medical care!