Brief description of the disease

Giardiasis - a widespread disease that develops as a result of the defeat of the small intestine and liver. Pathogens are giardia giardiasis - parasites that enter in various ways into the human body and are actively multiplying in the small or large intestine. Giardiasis is both light and heavy current. In some cases, carriers of Giardia do not get sick, but they can infect others because their body is safe container for pathogens.

As Giardia get into the body?

 Causes of the disease giardiasis

As a rule, giardiasis in children and adults occurs after contact with a sick person, but scientists have found that as carriers of parasites can also act rodents, dogs and cats. In addition, Giardia are often found in contaminated water bodies and even chlorinated water from the tap. In order to begin to develop giardiasis, man enough to swallow 10 cysts of parasites and have a low level of acidity of gastric juice.

Ways of penetration of giardia in the body:

  • water - can be infected at the use of insufficiently purified water from the tap, or water from open reservoirs;
  • contact-household - pathogens accumulate on the surface of household items: toys, dishes, linens, clothing;
  • food - sources of infection are very different foods. Especially giardiasis often found after eating the food without heat treatment: vegetables, fruits and berries.

Acute giardiasis in children and adults

More often than not, this form of the disease occurs in young children and people with weakened immune systems. In acute giardiasis throughout accompanied by a pronounced diarrhea syndrome, intestinal lesions and fever. Timely, adequate treatment of giardiasis in children leads to a complete recovery of the patient after 5-7 days after onset of clinical symptoms.

Chronic giardiasis - symptoms and clinical picture

Advanced forms of giardiasis is found mostly in adults and school-age children. It is characterized by recurrent course. In the acute phase, patients suffer from:

  • general fatigue;
  • loss of appetite;
  • headaches;
  • irritability;
  • sleep disorders;
  • dizziness;
  • bloating, flatulence;
  • regular diarrhea or constipation;
  • anemia.

In addition, giardiasis have seen an increase in adult liver, intestinal dysbiosis, and abdominal tenderness on palpation in the right hypochondrium. There are symptoms of giardiasis, and with the skin: pale skin, uneven color, dry, atopic dermatitis, lesion portion of the lips.

Giardiasis in children - characteristics of the disease in childhood

Experts say that at the time of giardiasis is diagnosed in one of the three hundred children. The risk of infection is significantly reduced in the personal hygiene of the child, but even regular washing of toys and thermal processing of food will not be able to protect your baby on all 100%. The reason is the high survival of pathogens. In addition, treatment of giardiasis in children may be required after the child goes to kindergarten and school, where the risk of catching an infection increases significantly.

Note also that there is a problem of early diagnosis of giardiasis. The fact that giardiasis, whose symptoms are similar to many other intestinal infections often fail to reveal the general clinical trials. As a result, treatment is carried out properly, and the child continues to experience severe pain and other unpleasant symptoms of giardiasis. The most accurate information about the presence or absence of giardiasis gives fecal because pathogens are excreted with faecal matter is.

A few rules that must be followed for suspected giardiasis: treatment can only assign an experienced physician, the patient must be isolated from other children in the treatment process required to comply with a rigid diet, herbs and other folk remedies are used as an additional tool, and in any case not a substitute for traditional medicinal products.

Giardiasis - treatment of children and adults

 Tablets for the treatment of giardiasis in children and adults
 To get rid of giardia should be approached comprehensively. The process of treatment of giardiasis is desirable to begin in acute infection when possible to trace the severity of symptoms and the effectiveness of various interventions. One of the most important issues in the treatment of giardiasis is the diet. For more information about nutrition will be discussed in the next section.

A few words about the used technologies and products. At this point in the treatment of giardiasis in clinics are widely used so-called magnetic interference devices. They are very effective against adults, but almost do not affect the larvae and young giardia, giardiasis so treatment should be combined with the reception of specialized drugs: Trichopolum, tinidazole, furazolidone. They are of great importance and chelators that remove toxins from the body, arising during the life of pathogens. Babies recommended chelators such as: laktofiltrum, activated charcoal, smectite, Enterodez.

In recent years, along with traditional methods, doctors used some innovations treatment of giardiasis. The best prospects showed tubulin inhibitors of the benzimidazole series are safer than funds from a group of metronidazole and have less severe side effects.

In most cases, when timely diagnosed with giardiasis fully cured for 7-8 days. Advanced forms of giardiasis require longer treatment with the mandatory monitoring the efficiency of each stage.

Diet for giardiasis

As mentioned above, the treatment of giardiasis in children and adults involves a mandatory diet. Patients should refuse to accept food rich in simple carbohydrates, because they create a perfect breeding ground for parasites. Under a partial or total ban subject: milk, sausages, pasta, sweets, bread and other flour products. For the preparation of cereals can use rice and buckwheat and milk substitute yogurt or kefir. Very useful and various fruit drinks are. Fruit and vegetable prohibition does not apply.

Note that the diet for giardiasis - is not only the correct composition of food, but also the right of their cooking. All products and dishes are subject to mandatory heat treatment, fruits and vegetables are washed with warm water.

Giardiasis - national treatment

Here are some recipes for common folk treatment of giardiasis, helps to remove Giardia from the body:

  • 100 ml of beet juice mixed in equal proportions with carrot juice, brandy and honey. The mixture was thoroughly mixed and taken three times a day, half an hour before a meal;
  • Prepare the broth krovohlebi (6 g herb per cup of water, boil for 10 minutes), which is taken once a day before meals. Dosage - 100 ml;
  • Take the green walnuts, cut them into smaller pieces and pour 1 liter of vodka. Tincture comes to the condition in a dry, dark place for two weeks. The medicine is used three times a day for one teaspoon.