Genital warts

General characteristics of the disease

 Genital warts on the hand

Genital warts or genital warts - is a viral disease caused by a subspecies of one of the HPV (human papilloma virus). His appearance on the formation of the genitals look like miniature cauliflower on a small stalk. This type of HPV is transmitted only through sex, so genital warts in men and women belong to the group of genital infections.

In the bulk of the people infected with papilloma virus, the disease does not manifest itself. Occurrence of genital warts on the genitals is characteristic only 1-2% of people with weakened immune systems and chronic diseases of the reproductive system.

Symptoms of genital warts

HPV has a property under favorable conditions to proliferate at a certain part of the body, in this case on the genital mucosa. The accumulation of a large number of micro-organisms to alter the function of the epithelium of genitals and genital warts. They are solid or pink nodules size from a few millimeters to 1-2 centimeters.

In men, genital warts often located in the head of the penis, on the bridle and the inner surface of the foreskin. In women, genital warts often affects small and large labia and vestibule. It is also possible genital warts in women hymen, cervix and urethra. The last named location of genital warts most unpleasant as it causes significant discomfort when urinating. With advanced forms of the disease or infection during oral sex genital warts in men and women can spread to the area of ​​the mouth and throat.

Genital warts are characterized by rapid growth. Its full size they reach within only a few hours. Usually it appears on the genitals several (up to ten), genital warts, which do not increase the future and do not apply. This particular property of genital warts treatment of diseases easier by removing genital warts.

Diagnosis of genital warts

Skilled, gynecologist or urologist, usually fairly simple physical examination to establish the diagnosis of "genital warts". Asymptomatic disease in a person whose sexual partner is suffering from genital warts are diagnosed by using genetic method polimerazmennoy chain reaction (PCR). This method also allows you to set the number of viruses and to conclude the occasional or chronic manifestation of the infection.

Treatment of genital warts

 Ointment imiquimod for the treatment of genital warts

In the treatment of genital warts aim is, firstly, to remove pathological formations on the genitals, and secondly, to reduce the amount of HPV in humans. Removal of genital warts occur using cryo or laser destruction, thermal or chemical coagulation, as well as through the application of radiosurgery. Each of these methods of removing genital warts is characterized by high efficiency and absence of traces of the ongoing procedure. Therefore, the choice of genital warts removal method depends only on the technical equipment of the hospital, which turned a patient suffering from this disease.

The greatest difficulty is the removal of genital warts in the urethra. In this case, the operation is carried out using urethroscope that facilitates access to the walls of the affected organ. When genital warts in the urethra is common practice to chemical removal of genital warts by topical treatment solutions based on nitric acid. The procedure for treatment of genital warts in men and women with the defeat of the urethra is almost the same.

Pharmacological treatment of genital warts means drugs designed to enhance human immunity. Effectively killing papilloma virus medicine, unfortunately, still does not know how. In the treatment of genital warts have worked well overall preparations immunomodulatory character, as well as medications to improve the local immunity in the form of vaginal tablets or suppositories in the genital warts in women and in the form of gels and ointments for genital warts in men.

Prevention of genital warts

And in the case of primary prevention of symptoms of genital warts, and in the case of the prevention of recurrence of the disease at the moment they are effective only general support the immune system means: a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and enough sleep. To avoid infection, papillomavirus recommended barrier methods of contraception.