Name cholelithiasis eloquently speaks for itself and represents a pathological state of the biliary tract with the formation of sand and stones them - at the beginning of the disease, to complete their obstruction - in the final stage. Insidious gallstone disease usually does not extradite its presence in the body when the process of "stone formation" has only just begun. It will take more than one year after the first stone, invisible to the eye, it will appear in the gallbladder and until people feel like a painful attack of gallstone disease for the first time.

It is therefore important to know the nature of each occurrence of gallstone disease and potential causes, provoking it, because, warned people not known to be unarmed.

Causes of gallstones

You can often hear cholelithiasis disease called successful people. It is difficult to name the lives of our compatriots happy, but, nevertheless, only to official statistics, a fifth of Russians is in the right upper quadrant of various sizes, "treasure", consisting of different-sized and colored pebbles. This is explained by the fact, of course, not well-being, and especially unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Just a large number of stressful situations and makes our citizens "jam" their anxiety fatty, fried, high cholesterol food. A surplus of cholesterol along with the bad environment and heredity leads to the fact that disrupted the normal functioning of the gall bladder and provoke the development of gallstones.

Along with the monotonous food, top of gallstone disease also contributes to a sedentary lifestyle. Due to lack of physical activity and mostly sedentary mode of life in the gallbladder and bile ducts, it stagnates and it formed crystals of cholesterol, calcium, phosphorus, carbon, and other acids. Indispensable party gall "of stone formation" - the various pigments, particularly bilirubin. That pigments responsible for giving gallstones most diverse, sometimes quite bizarre color.

Diagnosis of gallstone disease

 Diagnosis and symptoms of gallstones

Give a clear assessment of the state of the body and put a clinical diagnosis of gallstone disease, based solely on the patient's complaint, can not none the most experienced. Especially that the attacks of cholelithiasis individual sensations can be quite specific. From complaining of severe heart attacks, to wanton disorder chair. Some patients are concerned symptom of irritable stomach, a feeling of heaviness, heartburn and thus completely absent pain in the right upper quadrant.

With regular manifestation of paroxysmal pain after eating disorders (a fatty, fried foods) are often nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension is necessary without delay to make ultrasound examination of the liver, gallbladder and bile ducts. If you suspect that the formation of calcium stones, your doctor may advise to do X-ray of the abdomen. In some cases, gallstone disease, and in a very advanced stage, diagnosed by chance in the absence of clinical symptoms or any complaints from patients during routine medical examination of the body.

Symptoms of gallstones

Notice the beginning of the formation of gallstone disease is almost impossible. The primary stage of the disease is completely asymptomatic and the first significant pain a patient may find later for decades after the formation of the first stone.

The main symptoms of gallstones, which should make you a good reason for suspicion include pain in his right side, and in the lumbar region, regularly occurring bitter taste in the mouth, a yellowish tinge of the skin and eyeballs.

Frequent bouts of gallstone disease because of similar pain confused with an attack of angina or pain in the stomach, but careful attention to your body they can be distinguished from each other. If cholelithiasis feeling pain there is usually an hour or half an hour after a meal. By clicking on the right upper quadrant pain is greatly enhanced, especially if palpation produce a breath.

Frequent symptoms of gallstones - it is unreasonable at first glance, indigestion and bloating.

Treatment of gallstone disease

Methods for treating gallstones directly depend on what stage the disease is. Launched cholelithiasis, called at its current before the acute attacks - biliary colic, unfortunately, no cure for folk remedies, and you run a high risk not only their health, but also life, engaging in self-treatment.

 Symptoms and treatment of gallstones

Knowing and recognizing the fact that you carry in your gall bladder stones, which may at any time block the bile duct at an acute attack of gallstone disease as much as possible, try to gather the courage to respond to what is happening right. If sufficiently intense pain or even moderate force, but do not go for an hour, call an ambulance or go yourself if possible to a medical facility for help. If the pain is unbearable, perhaps the adoption of papaverine or shpy (1-2 tablets).

In the initial stages of gallstone disease can be considered some of the measures taken on their own, as a means of prevention rather than full of her deliverance. First of all, as one of these measures, we can recommend the observance of a special diet for gallstones, which will prevent the formation of new stones in the gallbladder. In addition, properly organized power in cholelithiasis will contribute to the natural dissolution and gradual removal from the body of existing small stones and sand. In the case of large-sized stones cholelithiasis treated only with diet clearly be ineffective in such a situation, it often comes to removing them promptly.