Abrasions - a disease of an infectious nature

Abrasions - a disease of an infectious nature, in which the formation of boils.

Boil (a boil vulgar name) - purulent inflammation of the hair follicle, which is involved in the surrounding tissue. Inflammation is caused by the introduction of the hair follicle of an infectious agent, which is a staph.

The most common cause is Staphylococcus aureus boils, at least - White aureus.

Causes of boils

The immediate cause of boils is a pathogen penetration into the skin through microtrauma and reproduction of it there, resulting in a necrotic process involving the hair follicle with surrounding tissues. However, the leading factor in the mechanism of this immunity is to reduce inflammation, both local and general.

Staphylococcus aureus refers to an extremely common pathogens usually gets on the skin of a healthy person, without causing disease. Microtrauma of the skin is also very common. Reducing the protective properties of the skin is the favorable factor that leads to the implementation of the internal environment of staph. At the same time, of course, important to respect the rules of hygiene, as unsanitary conditions increase the frequency of contact with the causative agent of furunculosis.

As a rule, even a single boil indicates low immunity, but the abrasions, which are formed when multiple boils, is always at the heart of the failure of the immune system. The reasons for such a failure can be many: common diseases of the body, circulatory problems, endocrine disorders, stressoneustoychivost, physical and psycho-emotional stress.

Thus, the cause of boils is a combination of local and general damaging factors: local causes staph boils it hit the skin through microtrauma, a common cause of boils - reduced immunity.

Furunculosis children

Furunculosis children formed by similar mechanisms, and occurs more often than in adults. This is due to imperfections in the age of the immune system in children as well as more frequent minor skin injuries or contact with contaminated items, moreover, has a value of overall health.

Especially common in children abrasions adolescence. This is due to hormonal instability of the body of a teenager, as well as external factors causing reduced immunity (stress, poor nutrition, etc.).

The symptoms of boils

 The first manifestation of boils - painful pimple
 Furunculosis manifests itself in the appearance of the skin of various parts of the body boils at different stages of maturation. Furuncle passes a certain cycle of development: first, there is a painful pimple (pustule), then comes the stage of infiltration when pustule and surrounding tissue are sealed. In the next step the hair bulb undergoes purulent fusion. The pustule is formed necrotic center, the center of which is a dense core. Then the necrotic tissue are rejected, the wound is cleaned, the process ends scarring. Small boils have consequences in the place of deep tissue damage may be left scars.

Since the formation of multiple abrasions happening boils suffers overall health. Boils are very painful, and depending on location, may hinder perform normal household activities - walk, sit, move your arms, turn his head, etc. May show signs of intoxication: fever to subfebrile figures, the overall deterioration of health, headache, decreased appetite.

Abrasions in children usually occurs rapidly, overall reduced always, the temperature can rise significantly over the course of similar infectious diseases. However, abrasions in children is faster, less prone to prolonged course, as is typical furunculosis adults.

Diagnosis boils

Diagnosis boils usually straightforward, since the surface location of the foci of inflammation. However, the stubborn, not susceptible to the disease during the treatment may require detailed diagnostics to establish the exact causes of boils. In this case, seeding is carried out bacterial pus follicular pustules, full blood count, immunodiagnostics. In the absence of results was carried out a full examination of the body, as the cause of boils in this case can be a common disease (diabetes, blood disease etc.).

Treatment for boils

Treatment of boils comprises local and general therapy.

 Local treatment of boils - rubbing alcohol
 Local treatment of boils is to conduct antibiotic therapy, pain management, the establishment of aseptic conditions to prevent the spread of infection. Apply rubbing alcohol 4-6 times a day. For the treatment of boils, a conventional 70%, 2% salicylic or boric alcohol 3%, 3% hydrogen peroxide, alcohol 5% iodine tincture. It is also used for acne batter recipe which can be obtained from your doctor. Important: you need to wipe each boil from the periphery to the center, so as not to spread the infection on the skin. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze a boil at any of its stages! Such actions lead to the spread of inflammation and the development of severe complications (abscesses, abscesses).

Antibiotics abrasions when applied topically in the form of blockades: boil on the periphery cut away with antibiotic solution anesthetic. These blockades are very effective, and when applied at an early stage of formation of boils, the process is subjected to reverse development.

After discharge of necrotic masses and output shaft boils antiseptic solutions continue to handle, but do not contain alcohol, such as 3% hydrogen peroxide. After a complete cleansing wounds to promote healing ointment is applied drugs: Vishnevsky ointment, sea buckthorn oil or rosehip oil. At this stage, the treatment of boils actively apply funds physiotherapy: UV radiation, magnetic, warming.

General treatment of furunculosis consists primarily in the total elimination of the disease that caused the decrease in immunity, and / or in the restorative procedures enabling it to recover. In the case of severe disease prescribe antibiotics for abrasions, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs for oral administration. However, antibiotics unless absolutely necessary for abrasions inside trying not to appoint, as they, in turn, contribute to decreased immunity.

Treatment boils folk remedies

Folk remedies Treatment of boils can be quite successful if applied correctly. Thus, treatment of boils at all stages using concoctions of herbs (chamomile pharmacy, celandine, succession, calamus, eucalyptus, etc.) Are very useful in the healing phase are well oil extracts from plants, including the above-mentioned oil rose, sea buckthorn, pumpkin.

Well it helps as bracing folk remedies for abrasions honey and bee products.

Before you treat abrasions folk remedies, it is necessary to make sure that there is no increased sensitivity to them.