Fibroadenoma -organospetsificheskaya benign breast tumor composed of fibrous and glandular tissue. Fibroadenomas  Fibroadenoma - organ benign tumor of the breast
 are the most common tumors of the mammary glands in female adolescents, are sometimes found in women after menopause.

Breast fibroadenoma - a benign tumor made up of two elements: the epithelium and stroma. Depending on the aspect ratio and the ratio between these two components, there are two histological types - intrakanalikulyarnaya and perikanalikulyarnaya fibroadenoma. The most common type of mixed tumors.

Signs and symptoms of fibroadenomas

Typical signs and symptoms of fibroadenomas is the presence of a painless, solid, single, moving, slow-growing formation in the breast of women of childbearing age. The tumor is round or ovoid, elastic, nodular and has a smooth surface.

Approximately ninety percent of fibroadenomas encountered less than three centimeters in diameter, and the vast majority of the remaining ten per cent - four cm and more, appear mainly in women under twenty years.

Men fibroepithelial tumors are very rare and are mainly related to anti-androgen therapy.

Diagnosing fibroadenoma

Fibroadenoma is usually diagnosed through clinical and ultrasound examination, as well as through breast palpation and mammography. When diagnosing fibroadenomas are often also need to do a biopsy of the tissue to exclude suspected breast cancer.

Treatment fibroadenoma

Treatment fibroadenoma possible by surgery, which removes a small margin of normal and diseased tissue of the breast.

A biopsy is often a reliable diagnostic studies, based on which some physicians may decide not to operate a tumor, but instead choose a method of clinical research to monitor the lesion while determining the growth and fibroadenoma.

rates of growth  Approximately ninety percent of fibroadenomas encountered less than three cm in diameter
 tumors less than sixteen percent per month in women under fifty years of age and at least thirteen per cent per month in women over fifty years, are safe for repeated surgical treatment and clinical observation.

Some fibroadenomas are treatable Ormeloksifenom.

Not so long ago it was possible the treatment of breast fibroadenoma using ehoterapii. The essence of the procedure is the use of high intensity focused ultrasound, which is used as a treatment for breast cancer and benign tumors. This method is non-invasive and consists in heating the fabric, which leads to the destruction of cells fibroadenoma.

Also to remove fibroadenomas can be used cryosurgery - a procedure in which the nitrogen by cold destroyed abnormal tissue cells. This method is safe, effective and minimally invasive alternative to open surgery.

The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia, its advantage is that after the procedure is considerably less scarring than open surgical procedures.

The international community surgeons recommend cryotherapy to remove fibroadenomas under the following set of criteria:

  • Defeat should be sonographically visible;
  • The diagnosis of fibroadenoma must be confirmed histologically;
  • Defeat must be at least 4 cm in diameter.