General characteristics of the disease

 Symptoms eyesore

Eyesore or leukoma called corneal opacity. To him lead scarring on the cornea of ​​the eye caused by a number of reasons. In the process of scarring of the cornea loses its transparency and the ability to freely pass light. The eye with the cataract becomes specific farforovo- white. Over time, the color of whiteness is slightly different: the network of blood vessels sprout undergoes fatty degeneration and becomes yellowish.

Influence of walleye on a person's vision may be different. In some cases, an eyesore leads to total blindness. Although this disease is not excluded as the situation is only a partial loss of visual acuity. Quality depends on the size of walleye, and its location on the cornea.

For maximum results in the formation of cataracts complications in the center of the cornea, directly in front of the pupil. The peripheral localization of corneal opacity little effect on visual acuity. An important role of play as well as the size of scar formation in the cornea. The most dangerous thorn large size in the central part of the eye.

Multiple leukoma small size can often be detected only by means of ophthalmic equipment. They lead to significant loss of visual acuity, and people often do not even know of the existence of a walleye.

Types eyesore

Eyesore can be congenital, caused by intrauterine inflammation. This is the most rare type of disease scarring of the cornea.

Most often a thorn - a phenomenon acquired. Cause the formation of multiple scars can moved inflammation of the cornea - the so-called keratitis. It is syphilitic or tubercular origin. And in both cases lead to keratitis massive scarring of the cornea.

 Congenital eyesore

Acquired an eyesore, as one of the consequences of corneal ulcers, combined with a significant thinning of the cornea and the intraocular pressure abnormalities. This kind of eyesore called ectatic (convex) leukoma.

Cause the formation of eyesores can also be a chemical burn injury or cornea. Especially dangerous for vision alkaline burns. After them, a person can remain the eye's ability to only light perception.

Serious penetrating eye injury often leads to soldering cornea iris. This situation can cause the development of secondary glaucoma (blurred pupil). There is also the likelihood of corneal scarring and the formation of eyesores as a result of poorly conducted ophthalmic surgery.

Treatment eyesore

Treatment of cataracts primarily surgical. According to statistics, the most favorable prognosis in the treatment of eyesores observed in diseases of infectious etiology. In this case, the patient is conducted conservative treatment of the underlying disease, and then it is sent to the surgical treatment of cataracts.

Methods plastic cornea achieves significant results in improving the quality of vision. Surgical treatment of cataracts carried out using donor cornea transplant patient. There are cross-cutting and partial corneal implant donor.

Forecast treat cataracts or traumatic nature of the burn depends on the nature and severity of the damage the cornea. In cases of massive destruction of the corneal epithelium and unsheathing a large number of nerves are installing protective intraocular lens. This method of surgical treatment of cataracts leads only to alleviate the patient's condition. In humans, decreased photophobia, lacrimation, but the vision is not fully restored.

With a minimum severity of corneal opacity on the periphery of the body surgical treatment of cataracts is not carried out. The patient in this case is shown a dynamic observation and conservative treatment of eyesores to raise local immunity.

People's treatment of eyesores

The national treatment eyesore apply lotion with infusion of eyebright. It is prepared at the rate of 1 tablespoon per cup of water, leave for an hour, filtered and cooled. Cotton swabs with the infusion of eyebright is recommended to apply to the eyes for 20-30 minutes daily. Infusion of eyebright can also drink a quarter cup 3 times a day.

 Treatment eyesore

Another way to treat the national eyesore - burying eyes with a mixture of red onion juice and honey in a 1: 1 ratio.

The national treatment eyesore also applies breast milk. It should certainly dig fresh patient in the affected eye.

The most exotic way of national treatment eyesore considered burying eyes bile fresh pike.

The effectiveness of the above mentioned methods of treatment of national eyesore official medicine has not been confirmed.