Erythema migrans

Erythema migrans is a chronic inflammatory disease type dermatosis which  Erythema migrans is a chronic inflammatory disease
   It caused by viral or bacterial infection.

Causes and symptoms of erythema migrans

In most cases, it causes erythema migrans can not be installed, but some of them cause the disease ticks Ixodes type or other insects.

After sting for a few days the first symptoms of erythema migrans - redness of the skin, swelling and slight peeling.

The disease has a protracted and complex nature of the current, often becomes chronic and can be transmitted from mother to child.

Foci of chronic erythema migrans may have annular form (from 3 to 5 mm) or ribbon-like shape with a highly inflamed border. Patients with a ribbon-like shape inflammatory erythema observed long border that runs through the neck, face and chest.

At the primary and secondary stages of the disease reveal exocytosis, inflammatory disorders of the dermis with infiltration of lymphocytes and mast cells. Observed fibrotic changes in the skin and infiltrate determine the development of large cells.

Diagnosis of chronic erythema migrans

Diagnosis of chronic erythema migrans in standard cases is straightforward, since the disease is manifested in the classical clinical picture with the presence of inflammatory focus, which gradually increases and forms a rim. Foci of inflammation with the trace of a tick bite within a few days up to a large size and has a slight pigmentation.

To determine the exact diagnosis appoint a histological study with an analysis of infiltration.

Erythema migrans chronic type is different from acute erythema, which is a temporary inflammation caused by a bee sting, wasps, mosquitoes. Often chronic erythema has unknown etiology and is accompanied by severe pain, severe swelling, itching and severe burning. To determine the type of chronic erythema migrans appoint a full examination, including blood tests, a study of the epidermis, infiltration analysis, urine analysis, etc.

Erythema migrans Aftseliusa-Lipschutz's is the most dangerous form of the disease, and therefore requires immediate treatment. This erythema is accompanied by high fever, lymph nodes and the seal is constantly increasing in size yellowish spots with a dense content.

Treatment of erythema migrans

To  For the treatment of erythema migrans use ceftriaxone
   treating erythema migrans prescribe antibiotics with a broad spectrum of action in accordance with the type of disease and the stage of its course. The most effective treatment in the early stages of the disease, but should not be used alone and dermatological antiseptic medicines without a full examination.

At the initial stage of erythema migrans doctor may prescribe adult patients amoxicillin or doxycycline 2-3 times a day for 40-70 mg / kg. The course of treatment is usually 7-14 days, while protracted disease course - 21-30 days.

In the severe stages of chronic erythema migrans and the presence of complications prescribe ceftriaxone taken 1-2 times a day, 50 mg, and prescribed daily intramuscular injections of penicillin. The course of treatment lasts 14-20 days.

In order to strengthen the immune system and enhance the protective functions of the body in fighting inflammation appoint a full course of vitamin therapy.