General information about the disease

 Causes enterobiasis children

Enterobiasis - an infectious disease characterized by lesions of the intestine, allergic reactions and severe itching in the anal area. Currently enterobiasis is the most common helminthiasis both in Russia and in other countries with cold, temperate climate. Infectious agents - small and thin worms (pinworms) - live in the intestines.

Most often enterobiasis affects children between the ages of 3 and 10 years. The peak incidence enterobiasis children account for 5 years of age. When the diagnosis enterobiasis treatment becomes more difficult because of resistance to the action of medicines, so it is desirable to observe good personal hygiene of the child and monitor the sanitary conditions in the kindergarten, school and home. Special attention is given bedding, toys, carpets, bathrooms and toilets, as these items and facilities are a place of gathering of pinworms. Typically children manifests enterobiasis after eating contaminated food or water. Despite regular treatment, while pathogens survive even in baby bottles and decanters.

How is enterobiasis?

The source enterobiasis always an ill person. Pinworm eggs deposited on the surface of the skin, ripen within 4-6 hours and are immediately infectious. They get on the bed linen, personal hygiene items, toys, furniture. Pathogens carried by flies. As for routes of infection, it usually develops after use enterobiosis unprocessed foods and inhaling dust or water, which contains helminth eggs. Note also that the diagnosis enterobiasis symptoms often occur simultaneously in several parts of the body. This is due to the actions of the patient, who combs itchy places and carries pathogens to a healthy skin, facilitating their re-entry into the intestine.

A few words about the consequences enterobiasis. Entering the human body, helminths cause mechanical damage to the skin and mucous membranes of organs, which leads to the appearance of inflammatory and allergic reactions. In women, the female pinworms often penetrate the genitals.

Symptoms enterobiasis

Enterobiasis symptoms observed after 1, 5-2 weeks after infection. It was during this period pinworms reach maturity status and begin their destructive activities. The main symptom Enterobiasis - severe itching in the anus. It usually lasts for several days, and then decreases to 3-4 weeks to express themselves with a vengeance. With the accumulation of pathogens in the intestine itching becomes permanent and becomes very painful. Combing damaged areas leads only to re-entry into the intestines of worms, abrasions, dermatitis and secondary infections accession. If there are suspicions enterobiasis, analysis for the presence of worms should be held as soon as possible. Otherwise, to the constant itching add other typical symptoms of infection enterobiasis:

  • stomach ache;
  • inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • vomiting, nausea;
  • disturbed sleep, fatigue;
  • allergic reactions;
  • urinary tract infections;
  • enterobiasis in children leads to stunted growth and weight;
  • Women often show inflammation of the vaginal mucosa.

It should be noted that during the years of continuous existence, alongside human pathogens enterobiasis perfectly adapted to life in the body of the carrier, and learned to counteract many medicines. Enterobiasis often proceeds without marked clinical signs and symptoms you are having symptoms coincide with other helminthiasis. For this reason, the only way is to timely detect enterobiasis analysis of feces of the sick person and other laboratory methods.

Treatment enterobiasis

 Tablets for the treatment of enterobiasis

The course of treatment is inseparable from a careful personal hygiene and disinfection of things that have contacted the patient. It should also be borne in mind that prophylactic treatment enterobiasis necessary for all members of the family or a group of children, as the infection can be hidden.

When treating enterobiasis home, the following sanitary measures:

  • Bed linen is boiled for half an hour, and then carefully ironed on both sides;
  • in all areas of the apartment there is dry cleaning with a disinfectant cleaner;
  • in the course of cleaning focuses on doorknobs, toilet room, hall;
  • If there enterobiasis a child must be washed with soap and water every toddler toys, or other objects with which it often is in contact;
  • if the house there are carpets and rugs, you should vacuum them, and then spend a wet process coating on the outside.

Decontaminating complex activities performed twice - at the beginning of treatment and 2 weeks after the first harvest.

For medical preparations. When children are usually assigned enterobioze sparing anthelmintics such as mebendazole or pyrantel. They effectively act as parasite eggs and larvae to mature, disturb metabolic processes in pinworms, block the ability of agents to stick shell intestine. The above drugs are not absorbed into the blood and act only in the intestine, which eliminates the possibility of allergic reactions to the active ingredients of medicines. Also, when the diagnosis enterobiasis treatment involves receiving bifidumbacterin that restores normal intestinal microflora.

After treatment patients enterobiasis held control analysis, due to the prolonged course of infection and of resistance to certain drugs. If necessary, repeat the treatment with increasing doses of drugs, but we note that due to the rapid development of medical technology, a second course is required only in exceptional cases.