Cysts endocervical

Called endocervical mucosa that lines the cervix. This shell can form cysts on the cervix.  Cyst on ultrasound images endocervical

Endocervical cysts appear as cystoid advanced cancer. Can meet single endocervical cysts and small cysts can be observed around the endocervical cervical canal. To determine the presence of cysts on ultrasound can be. According to statistics, endocervical cysts occur almost every woman 35-40 years before giving birth. However, the recent increase in cases of cysts in younger women, earlier nulliparous.

The main causes and symptoms of cysts endocervical

The homogeneous structure of the muscular wall of the uterus is considered the norm. We have previously given birth and women the anechoic hyperechoic inclusions (up to 5 mm or more) is considered as the norm. However, hyperechoic inclusions tend to develop into cysts and endocervical. They arise as a result of the healing of cervical erosion or by adenemphraxis, which leads to accumulation of secretions in these glands. Mostly endocervical cysts are benign, so do not require prompt surgical intervention. However, the symptoms of cysts endocervical a serious cause for a detailed examination of the woman.

Sometimes small cysts endocervical occupy almost the entire surface of the cervix, but the negative consequences for a woman it is not dangerous. They practically do not adversely affect a woman's ability to fertilize and gestation.

The most common causes of cysts are cervicitises endocervical and colpites. Not least in their appearance takes cervical erosion and its treatment.

Diagnosis endocervical cysts

There are different methods for diagnosis of the disease. The most affordable and easiest way is to ultrasound. It is also quite informative method is considered to be extended colposcopy. The procedure is the examination using a special microscope. This allows you to carefully examine the cervix for a variety of tumors.

If the doctor when the patient ultrasound suspect the presence of cysts, then it is sent to extended colposcopy in order to clarify the diagnosis.

Also, for further diagnosis of cysts can spend onkotsitologicheskoe endocervical smear which will give more accurate results if it is carried out in the second half of the menstrual cycle.

Another very efficient method of research is the PAP smear, with which you can determine the initial stages of pre-cancerous changes in the cervix. Make like a smear using special clamps and the composition of paints. For a woman, it would be better to go through all stages of the survey, as it will help her to know exactly the state of his health.  Radiowave treatment endocervical cysts

Treatment of cysts endocervical

If the survey of a woman was found a cyst endocervical unit having a benign course, its treatment is not carried out. Treatment indicated in cases where the cyst can be easily seen by visual inspection at the gynecologist in the mirror and is located near the vaginal area of ​​the cervix.

There are also other treatments endocervical cysts:

  • Radiosurgical, the use of which punctured the cyst and then produce an outflow of secretions;
  • Radio wave method;
  • Cryotherapy, which is applied to deeply located cysts. This technique consists in the application of low temperatures. Produced procedure in an outpatient setting with the use of liquid nitrogen. Spend it, usually after menstruation;
  • Cryotherapy is a contraindication to the presence of any inflammatory process;
  • If the cyst is complicated by the presence of chronic adnexitis discovered tumor formation or inflammatory nature, carried out surgical treatment.