General characteristics of the disease

 Bullous emphysema

Emphysema occurs when the alveoli of the lung tissue stretched beyond acceptable limits and lose their ability to reduce the reverse. Thus there is a disruption of oxygen to the blood and removes carbon dioxide from the body, which leads to heart failure.

In accordance with the modern classification and allocated diffuse bullous emphysema. The first form implies full tissue damage. Bullous emphysema diagnosed when inflated (expanded) sections are combined with normal lung tissue.

Causes of pulmonary emphysema

The disease often manifests itself as a consequence of chronic bronchitis or asthma. Bullous form may also occur under the influence of genetic factors and some lung diseases, in particular tuberculosis. In addition, the development of the disease is influenced by factors such as smoking and excessive air pollution, which is especially characteristic of large cities.

Emphysema - Symptoms

Severe shortness of breath until strangulation, expanding the intercostal spaces, barrel chest, breathing weakened, reducing the mobility of the diaphragm, increasing the transparency of the lung fields in the X-ray examination - these are the symptoms that manifest themselves emphysema. Treatment of the disease depends on the severity of symptoms and the clinical picture.

For the initial stage of development of emphysema is characterized by: severe shortness of breath, fatigue with any physical activity, the effect of the so-called "pant", violation of blood gas and the collapse of small bronchi.

As the deterioration of the lung tissue is an increase in transparency of the lung fields, the displacement of the diaphragm and other changes affecting the normal gas exchange.

Emphysema - Treatment and prognosis

In the treatment of emphysema main activities are aimed at eliminating respiratory failure and treatment of the disease, which is under the influence of a man appeared disease. Treatment of folk remedies shows quite effective results, however, we do not in any way recommend to abandon the traditional medical methods.

Basic principles of treatment of pulmonary emphysema:

  • quitting smoking - one of the most important steps on the road to recovery. We note here that the sharp, cross-sectional reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked has a much greater effect than the phasing out of tobacco;
  • appointment of antibacterial drugs - essential drugs are anticholinergics (Flomax, Atrovent), beta-2 sympathomimetic (berotek salbutamol) and theophylline (aminophylline, teopek). The choice of drug therapy and intensity depend on the severity of the symptoms, which manifest themselves emphysema. Treatment with antibacterial complexes combined with taking expectorants;
  • breathing exercises, improves gas exchange. Typically, patients are prescribed the atmospheric air with reduced oxygen content within 5 minutes. The next 5 minutes the patient is breathing normal air. Cyclical pattern is repeated 6-7 times during one session. A full course of treatment lasts about 3 weeks;
  •  Treatment of bullous emphysema
  • emphysema symptoms are associated with a pronounced respiratory failure treated with oxygen therapy malopotochnoy. It can be used in the home, using oxygen as a source of compressed gas cylinders or special concentrators;
  • In recent years, doctors are actively using aeroionotherapy, which shows good results in the elimination of respiratory failure. The course of treatment lasts 15-20 days;
  • effective and special breathing exercises, training programs designed to ensure that a person could control your breathing;
  • for better waste sputum used positional drainage - the patient takes a certain posture in which the cough reflex and viscous mucus deliver the smallest inconvenience. It is possible to combine the drainage treatment of pulmonary emphysema with the use of expectorants herbs and infusions, for example, Thermopsis, rosemary, plantain and mother-and-stepmother.

Is it possible to finally cure emphysema? Forecasts are individual in each case and depend on how well patients comply with all recommendations of the attending physician, and if they're willing to make some sacrifices for the sake of his health. Also a huge impact on the treatment process provides early detection and adequate treatment of the disease, leading to emphysema.

Emphysema - Treatment folk remedies

Home remedies:

  • green juice drink potato tops with increasing dose daily until until volume reaches half juice cup;
  • sniffing potato "in uniform";
  • attachment pieces of pre-cooked potatoes to the chest.

Infusions for the collection of herbs:

  • in 500 ml of boiling water add three tablespoons flowers of buckwheat. The mixture insist in a thermos for two hours. Take half a cup 3-4 times a day;
  • Take one of the fruits of juniper and dandelion root, add to them two parts of birch leaves and pour boiling water over the resulting mixture. The broth infused for three hours, then filtered and poured into a suitable container. Use the infusion should be 2-3 times a day. Standard dosage - 1/3 cup;
  • teaspoon potato pour a glass of boiled water, one hour and filtered. Take half a cup of infusion 40 minutes before meals for one month;
  • Mix equal proportions of the fruits of anise, licorice root and marshmallow, pine buds and leaves of sage. Pour boiling water mixture of herbs (1 cup 1 tablespoon of the collection), infuse for 2-3 hours, then drain. Eat for? cup 3 times a day before meals.