Dyshidrosis - specific pathology of the skin that occurs when a critical blockage of the ducts of the sweat glands. Dyshidrosis in each case can be classified as a separate disease, or as a sign of another skin disease. The most common forms of the disease are dyshydrosis dyshydrosis feet and hands. The etiology of the disease state is not yet known.  Dyshidrosis - blockage of the ducts of the sweat glands

Causes and symptoms dyshydrosis

Dyshidrosis can manifest itself in the form of true dyshydrosis feet and hands or in the form of eczema disgidroticheskoy.

If true dyshydrosis on the palms of hands bubbles appear. Inside the bubbles contained a clear liquid. Bubbles with a dense shell can remain on the skin up to ten days. Almost all bubbles eventually shrivel and disappear. New bubbles in true dyshydrosis not form (as opposed to disgidroticheskoy eczema). Sheath individual bubbles can burst, and then all of the liquid contained inside spills out. In place of the bursting of the bubble is formed usually surface erosion. In the areas of skin affected by erosion, itching and pain.

When dyshydrosis hand usually appear as bubbles at the rear and the inner side of the hands.

Disgidroticheskaya eczema can occur as a result of nervous shock, experienced stress, fear, anxiety .  The cause of eczema disgidroticheskoy may be allergic reactions, disorders of the endocrine system, disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system .  Appear on the skin redness, swelling and small, and then bubbles form .  The bubbles appear on the skin isolated groups .  Inside they contain a serous fluid .  The number of entities in the dyshydrosis hands and feet in the form of eczema is increasing continuously .  Disgidroticheskaya difficult to treat eczema .  It is dangerous sudden exacerbations .  During exacerbation of the body temperature rises to 38 ° C, the lymph nodes under the arms and elbows inflamed and increased .  The patient complains of burning and intense itching in the affected areas .  Ingestion bubbles pathogens causes the emergence of various inflammatory processes .  Inflammatory processes are usually accompanied by purulent masses .

Development dyshydrosis can happen from one week to several months.

Treatment dyshydrosis

Dyshydrosis Treatment should be complex. In this disease dermatologist may prescribe acupuncture, laser therapy, cryotherapy, magnetic, electric, electrophoresis, or paraffin.  Paraffin - one of the treatments dyshydrosis

The treatment process involves taking anti dyshydrosis, antihistamine drugs and allergen. In severe disease doctor may prescribe glucocorticosteroid drugs in conjunction with diuretics.

For small rash ointments can be used with various sulfur tar naphthalan and indifferent paste and talkers. During exacerbation of skin lesions to help ease painful condition lotion with a solution of liquid Burov, ethacridine, amidopirina, lactate and furatsilina. When infected bubbles need to consult a doctor immediately.

During an exacerbation dyshydrosis feet and hands should refrain from water treatment with the use of cosmetics and soap. You must also avoid contact affected areas with different chemicals, rain, snow, sun, wind, and with fur, wool and synthetics.

When dyshydrosis feet and hands is very useful to take warm baths to herbal teas with celandine, chamomile, oak bark and sage. These baths are very soothing to the skin. They relieve itching and have a disinfectant action. Baths should be taken daily for twenty minutes.

Dyshydrosis Treatment folk remedies

Folk remedies when dyshydrosis help relieve inflammation and itching. Alleviate the condition of the skin helps broth horseradish. To prepare the broth four teaspoons horseradish pour 500 ml of boiling water and allowed to digest for two hours and then cooled. You can wipe the affected areas decoction of leaves of blackberry. One hundred grams of crushed blackberry leaves pour two liters of boiling water and allow to infuse. Prepare a broth wipe the affected areas. For lotions perfect lemon infusion. Juice of one lemon mixed with egg white. To this mixture, add a teaspoon of glycerin and one hundred grams of any cologne. The whole was mixed and applied to the affected areas.

When dyshydrosis place rashes and redness can be lubricated with sea buckthorn oil several times a day.

You can lubricate the affected areas ointment blackcurrant. 200 grams of butter mixed with pounded to a powder branches of black currants. The resulting mixture was placed in a water bath for five minutes.

When dyshydrosis can make lotions with tincture of eucalyptus. Four tablespoons pour 500 ml of boiling water, put on low heat, bring to a boil and boil for about an hour over low heat. The resulting mixture was filtered and used in the form of lotions.