Sudden onset, sharp and cramping abdominal pain, frequent bowel movements, fever and general weakness of the body in the first place suggests that the day before was "eaten something not that ..."

Indeed, the sharp deterioration of health may be caused by poor-quality, poorly washed or stale product, got into the stomach. But the disease is very insidious and diarrhea is not as harmless as one might think. The duration of the disease and its severity primarily dependent cause diarrhea causes.

Causes of diarrhea

Food poisoning in the first position in the list of causes of diarrhea causing this unpleasant condition. Almost any visually is not suspicious, food can be contaminated with bacteria, viruses or parasites that "detonate", once in the human stomach. Usually, food poisoning symptoms of diarrhea are mild and short-term, but in some cases, without proper treatment the disease can lead to dehydration, kidney failure and even death.

Indigestion, called the diarrhea - a protective reaction of the body's acute at any age for various irritating agents, trapped in the gastrointestinal tract of humans. Such agents include allergic, viral or toxic substances.

The exact cause of diarrhea can be set solely by laboratory studies, but in most cases this is not required. The disease clears up on its own without medical intervention. The only prerequisite for the treatment of diarrhea and self-healing is a strict adherence to food and drinking regime. Excessive fluid intake is necessary in order to eliminate the possibility of dehydration.

Symptoms of diarrhea

Separate detection of the symptoms of diarrhea are usually not cause any difficulties.  Sharp abdominal pain - a symptom of diarrhea
 This sharp abdominal pain - in the stomach and intestines. Palpitations (more than three times a day), loose stools, in some cases accompanied by vomiting. As another indirect sign of diarrhea - the occurrence of febrile events of varying severity (fever, chills and cramps). All of the symptoms of diarrhea, accompanied by the general weakening of the body and a sharp deterioration in health.

Diagnosis of diarrhea

The main criteria for the diagnosis and determine the need for treatment to the doctor is the duration of diarrhea and the nature of the discharge. Indomitable diarrhea does not pass more than three days, in any case, should make you alert.

Spotting in the chair should also be cause for immediate treatment for medical assistance. The presence of blood indicates the beginning of the destruction of the large intestine microbes. Without qualified diarrhea such a state can threaten perforation of the intestinal wall, passing the infection to the internal organs and toxic bacterial shock. Furthermore, there is a risk of sepsis in connection with the entry of the bacteria into the bloodstream.

The primary reason for the visit to the doctor is the age of a patient suffering from diarrhea. When it comes to young children, treatment should begin as early as possible, so access to a doctor should take place immediately!

Features of the structure of the gastrointestinal tract predispose to diarrhea in children most often against the backdrop of rotavirus. Age up to two years is a particularly dangerous period in terms of complications of diarrhea in children, since the disease is unpredictable and may occur very quickly electrolyte imbalance and complete dehydration.

The first symptoms of diarrhea in children, or even suspected at the beginning of its occurrence have to force parents immediately seek help from a medical facility.

To facilitate the child's condition to the treatment your doctor may copious drinking. Self-treatment of diarrhea in children aged grudnichkovogo - totally unacceptable and threatens the most serious consequences, including death.

Treatment of diarrhea

List of drugs and a variety of natural treatment of diarrhea, which is now able to offer pharmacists in pharmacies, calculated perhaps hundreds of positions. In addition to the high cost of modern pharmaceutical remedies for diarrhea (which, incidentally, can upset the digestive system to work no worse than any pathogenic bacteria), the average consumer is extremely difficult to determine exactly which drug to choose, and whether he will have the desired effect.

 Stoperan - capsules for the treatment of diarrhea

Meanwhile, there are folk remedies for diarrhea, which were successfully used to treat even our grandparents. These folk remedy for diarrhea include the use of:

- Strong brewed coffee or tea without sugar;

- Congee;

- Broth with slices of pear;

- Slimy decoction of oat or barley flakes.

There are many other proven remedies for diarrhea, the main thing to remember about strict compliance with sparing diet and obligatory replenishing lost fluids.