Depression is a serious disease state that they exhibit mental (depression, lethargy thinking) and physical (reduced overall tone, slow movement, sleep disturbances and digestive) disorders.  Depression - a condition characterized by mental disorders

Symptoms of depression

The main symptoms of depression are:

  • Depression, depressed mood and melancholy;
  • Loss of interest in the lessons and the things that previously brought satisfaction;
  • Loss of energy, which is why there is fatigue and a decrease in activity.

There are also additional features, often accompanying symptoms of major depression. People who have them tend to be:

  • Reduced attention span and concentration;
  • Low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence;
  • Thoughts of his own guilt for something, and self-incrimination;
  • Gloomy and pessimistic vision of the future;
  • Thoughts and actions related to self-harm and suicide;
  • Sleep disorders (insomnia), it is difficult to fall asleep, or they wake up early;
  • Eating disorders - often refuse to eat and lose weight;
  • Sexual dysfunction;
  • Lethargy and excessive fussiness;
  • Strengthen a sense of despondency in the morning and evening decrease in these experiences.

If these symptoms are observed every day for two weeks, it speaks about depression as a disease that is sure to be treated.

Treating Depression

In the treatment of depression and related disorders require a comprehensive treatment. It is considered an effective treatment for depression with medication (antidepressants) and psychotherapy. Along with drug treatment of depression is considered an effective use of vitamins, salts of lithium, tranquilizers, hormones, neuroleptics, anti-oxidants and medicines that improve the metabolism of the brain cells. It is also used to treat depression electroconvulsive therapy and diet, deprivation, light therapy and herbal therapy.  Pirazidol - one of the drugs to treat depression

For a start it is important to help determine the exact diagnosis of the condition and treatment, since depression can be of different types and have a variety of causes. To do this, be sure to consult a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. The earlier start to treatment of depression, the results will be much better and forecasts.

How to get out of depression?

Question: "How to get out of depression? "Defined as the patients themselves and their relatives and friends. To get out of the depression, you can:

  • Schedule a business that will give pleasure and inspire confidence in their own strength;
  • Do not focus on the bad thoughts and blamed himself, and to resist the pessimistic mood;
  • To analyze the current life problems and stressors;
  • Focus on small incremental steps that will improve the well-being;
  • Do sports and other activities that will improve the mood;

During the depression in any case can not take important decisions: divorce, or leaving work.

After the onset of improvement, you decide that you will take in the event of re-occurrence of the symptoms of depression.

Traditional methods of prevention and treatment of depression is the use of pollen three times a day for half teaspoon 30 minutes before eating. It can be taken with honey, jam or butter. For the treatment of depression should eat 30 grams of pollen, for the prevention of - 20 grams. It is also useful to use the pollen for nervous exhaustion.

Well also helps the use of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), which many found in liver, kidney, brewer's yeast, milk and eggs.

You should immediately consult a doctor in cases where, in spite of all these actions, the depression does not pass, there were psychotic disorders or the risk of suicide.