Brief description of the disease

Osteoarthritis - the most common non-inflammatory joint disease. The current medical statistics tell us that suffers from it every 10 people on earth, the reception at risk are mainly women aged 45 to 55 years. According to experts, is due to osteoarthritis of the joints: metabolic, genetic predisposition, the deterioration of blood supply to the joint, the elderly and certain diseases, such as psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis. Despite the large number of possible reasons, most commonly osteoarthritis appears after considerable stress on the joints, which can not cope cartilage. The reason for these loads are: overweight, incorrect posture, long-term work in one position, and some sports (running, weight lifting, jumping).

What happens in osteoarthritis?

 Symptoms osteartroza

The disease leads to a rapid "aging" of the articular cartilage, that is, it begins to lose its elasticity and covered with small, rough cracks. Often, the disease occurs so rapidly that the cartilage wears down to expose the bone. For this reason, osteoarthritis, treatment is started too late, it leads to disruption of the joints and other serious consequences.

The risk of disease is due to the fact that the main damage is added to the inflammatory process that leads to the growth of bone tissue. His are the result of constant pain and further deformation of joint cartilage. We also note that in most cases, patients are diagnosed osteoarthritis of the hip, but it is not immune from the knees, joints of the cervical and lumbar spine, and the phalanx of fingers.

Osteoarthritis - the symptoms and clinical picture

Onset marked crunching joints and occurrence of unpleasant sensations during their flexion. Over time, the person has a deforming osteoarthritis, which manifests itself by pain during movement. Especially strongly they felt while walking, the pain from the hip to the knee and is given to the thigh. We also note that osteoarthritis of the joints tends to intensify in the daytime and subside during the night's rest. However, some relief disappears after a couple of hours after the lift due to the physical stress on damaged joints.

Another important point: in the absence of treatment deforming osteoarthritis is constantly progressing and can go so far that the joint is deformed and lose mobility and any movement will begin to cause a person unbearable pain. If it came to such serious consequences, you can only talk about reducing the intensity of pain and removal of the most striking symptoms of concomitant inflammation. Unfortunately, running osteoarthritis of the hip can not be cured completely because of the inability to repair damaged cartilage.

Osteoarthritis - Treatment by conventional methods

In the treatment of osteoarthritis, doctors tend to solve the following problems:

  • provide the affected joint necessary amount of blood;
  • unload it from excessive mechanical stress;
  • reduce inflammation;
  • prevent the development of disease.

 Treatment of osteoarthritis traditional methods

Because osteoarthritis of the knee affects the degree of mobility of human, mechanical unloading is no less important component of treatment, rather than receiving medication. Patients are advised to avoid prolonged stay in one position, walk less, to limit the stereotyped movements and renounce carrying. If diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the joints in the later stages, the sick person will be helpful to walk with crutches or a cane.

In addition to reducing the load on the joint, the traditional treatment includes medication, physical therapy, transcutaneous stimulation and other techniques. Please note only that the selection of drugs is entirely administered by a physician, because it is necessary to consider mechanisms for the spread of disease, severity of symptoms, some contraindications and safety profile of drugs. Most often deforming osteoarthritis treated with analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The latter are primarily used in severe forms of the disease as effectively relieve pain and improve the functioning of damaged joints.

If a patient is diagnosed isolated osteoarthritis, the treatment includes the use of local resources - ointments, gels and creams based on anti-inflammatory drugs. Today in pharmacies appeared more progressive means, such as patches, which, according to studies, have proven more effective than traditional forms of medicine.

People's treatment of osteoarthritis

Immediately, we note that the traditional methods of treatment of osteoarthritis should be combined with the recommendations of your doctor and do not contradict them. As for the recipes below, we present the most popular ones:

  • if a person is diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee, will be effective packs of pork fat. Wrap them to damaged areas and secure fat with gauze bandage or polyethylene and elastic bandage. If the skin begins to itch, then lubricate her baby cream;
  • take regular rubbing tincture of horseradish, lilac flowers, shoots or flowers of potato chestnut. They are prepared as follows: 50 grams of raw material to insist in a 0, 5 liters. vodka for a few days. Infusion taken 3 times a day for thirty minutes before meals;
  • Prepare a mixture of honey, dry mustard and vegetable oil (a tablespoon of each substance), heat it and attach to the sick place on 1, 5 -2 hours fixing a warm scarf. After removing the compress the pain will be felt not so much, and for a while you will be able to walk normally and perform the necessary household chores.