A cyst is a transparent partition

The human brain - is so complex organ that still has not been studied thoroughly. Modern science continues  A cyst is a transparent partition of the brain - it is not a pathology and anomaly of development
 to study the characteristics of its structure and functioning. In the human brain there are a lot of departments, each of which performs a specific function, but all of these departments are inextricably linked.

Often after undergoing magnetic resonance therapy can be found in the conclusion of the set of obscure terms, which can understand unless experienced. One such term is a "transparent cyst septum brain."

This diagnosis is not uncommon. Approximately 25% of patients who underwent MRI, you can see a similar entry in the results of the survey. What kind of a diagnosis?

The human brain is covered with three layers of the meninges: solid, arachnoid (arachnoid) and soft shell. Under the arachnoid are fluid spaces in which circulates liquor (the liquid medium surrounding the brain). Transparent partition marrow consists of two thin plates medulla, which are separated by means of a slit-like cavity located between the front portion and the arch of the corpus callosum brain. Cyst transparent partitions - arachnoid cyst view when fluid builds up between the plates of the transparent walls of the brain.

Causes of cysts transparent walls of the brain

On the origin of these cysts are divided into congenital (primary) or acquired (secondary). The cause of the acquired cysts may be different borne diseases, inflammation of the lining of the brain, trauma, shock or hemorrhage.

Localized cyst transparent partitions in a particular part of the brain, in a safe place.

When a patient receives at the hands of the results of magnetic resonance therapy with the result of "arachnoid cysts transparent walls of the brain", he should consult a neurosurgeon or neurologist.

The symptoms of cysts transparent partitions

You should know that a cyst transparent walls of the brain - is not a pathology and anomaly of development. In most cases, a cyst - a variant of the normal anatomy of the brain, which is not a significant risk to the patient. It flows like a cyst asymptomatic and does not require special treatment.

But if the cyst is not innate and acquired, and is caused by various diseases or injuries, it may have symptoms such as headache, feeling of squeezing the head, tinnitus, hearing loss and other symptoms.

Basic  It may be assigned medical treatment cysts transparent partitions
   the danger of such a cyst - the possibility of its uncontrolled growth, bringing it begins to put pressure on any part of the brain, making it difficult for his valuable work.

That is why the cyst requires regular monitoring with MRI studies. The doctor will advise the patient periodically undergo magnetic resonance therapy every 6-12 months.

Treatment of cysts transparent partitions

If the results of the next control study found that the cyst increases in size, this means that damaged factor continues its negative impact on the brain, so it is an impetus to the search for the causes that contributed to the emergence and growth of cysts.

MRI is able to give information only on the location and size of the cyst, but the cause of its occurrence may help a thorough examination of the patient for autoimmune diseases, infectious processes, circulatory disorders. Study participants underwent a heart on an electrocardiogram and echocardiogram, the study of blood flow through the vessels in the brain Doppler ultrasound, blood clotting and cholesterol levels, blood pressure monitoring, tests for various infections, etc.

In some cases, it may be assigned medical treatment cysts transparent partitions using absorbable and neuroprotective drugs.

Approximately more than half of these cysts do not need any whatsoever of treatment, but can be administered directly to the treatment of the disease, which has provoked the appearance of cysts.