One of the most difficult conditions in children during the first years of life - this is the true and false croup. Croup - a sharp podskladochny laryngitis. When rump acute viral respiratory infections, influenza, diphtheria, measles causes swelling and inflammation of the loose fat beneath the vocal folds. Swelling causes a narrowing of the larynx, which is accompanied by shortness of breath. In severe cases of possible death by asphyxiation. Croup in children occurs mainly under the age of 5 years. At older ages, changes in the anatomy of the larynx: loose fiber almost completely disappears. So, inflammation in the area to severe swelling does not, and can not cereals. Most often it occurs in cereals weakened children who are prone to allergic reactions, preterm birth and suffered injuries.

True cereals

 Croup is acute laryngitis podskladochnym
 True cereals currently relatively rare due to the decrease in the prevalence of diphtheria. But in our time may be sporadic cases. Alone or in combination with diphtheria pharynx, mainly in young children can develop laryngeal diphtheria. This state is considered to be a true croup. This membranous fibrous overlay applied to the mucous membrane of the larynx. In the future may develop muscle spasm and asphyxia. True croup runs hard and often requires surgery.

False croup

False croup - a fast-paced swelling of the mucous membrane of the larynx in podskladochnom space. The cause of false croup can be a variety of viral upper respiratory illness, influenza, measles, chemical and thermal burns of the larynx. Swelling is rarely accompanied by spasm of the muscles of the larynx. False croup can cause asphyxia in only the most severe cases. Usually, even without treatment cereals it passes within a few hours, although certain recurring episodes. Unfavorable is the presence of high fever and shortness of breath.

Symptoms of croup

Most often it occurs in cereals baby at night .  With increasing tissue edema under the vocal folds appear and exacerbate symptoms of croup .  The first signs are subtle .  The child may become anxious, frightened, begins to act up and cry .  Then there hacking, dry, like barking cough .  The child has shortness of breath .  Breathing becomes shallow and frequent .  A minute can be up to 30-60 breaths .  The symptoms of croup are talking about asphyxia (lack of oxygen), and swelling of the mucous membrane of the larynx .  As the progression of cereal complexion of the child turns red, then pale, or bluish .  The skin on the body and limbs may also be bluish hue .  Coughing gets tougher and intrusive nature .  It appears clearly audible wheezing when breathing .  Against the background of breathing difficulties appear retractions intercostal spaces .  The heavy phase cereal accompanied by severe asphyxia .  A child is torn, covered with cold sweat, loses consciousness, the pulse becomes arrhythmic, weak .  If you do not provide medical care, then further developed convulsions and death by suffocation .  Symptoms of false croup rarely correspond to the picture of severe asphyxia .  Signs of such cereals are stored from several hours to days and then disappear completely .  True cereals in diphtheria differ by more severe symptoms .  In addition, in true diphtheria croup quickly appears hoarseness, and then complete loss of voice .  A child or can not speak at all, or speaks in a whisper .  Croup symptoms requires immediate action .

Treatment of croup

Croup in children requires mandatory health care .  Parents should not show your own child, so as not to provoke a sharp deterioration .  In no case can not be fought with croup own .  This is one of the most dangerous condition that requires immediate medical attention .  It is necessary to call the brigade ambulance from the clinic or doctor .  Before the arrival of the doctors have to provide fresh air to the patient's bedside - to open the window, the window .  A child can take a hand, but it is necessary to keep it in an upright position .  Feet can be placed in a bowl with hot water .  Give your child warm water, tea or milk .  When the doctor arrives, keep judgment, clearly follow all recommendations .  Began laryngeal edema require immediate hospitalization .  In no case should not insist on the outpatient treatment of croup in children of the first years of life .  If a child is choking, the doctor will have to resort to tracheotomy .  It is a small operation, which consists in the dissection of the trachea and the introduction of a special cannula lumen (tube) .  This measure will ensure the child flow of air into the lungs, and thus prevent death resulting from asphyxiation .  Conservative therapy without surgery is possible in the early stages of croup .  Therapy true croup is the introduction of diphtheria serum method Bezredko .  The dose of diphtheria serum in the larynx is 40 000-50 000 international units .  The antibiotic of choice in the treatment of diphtheria are considered to erythromycin or penicillin drugs .  The role of antibiotics in the treatment of croup in diphtheria only auxiliary .  False croup treated with corticosteroids, antihistamines, epinephrine solution .  Possible inhalation saline (0 9% sodium chloride) .  Tracheotomy under false croup is only required 1% .  Forecast of any cereal is not too significant stenosis of the larynx favorable .  Severe forms requiring surgery is often complicated by pneumonia .  The greatest threat to life is purulent necrosis of cereals in infants (up to 3 years) .  At the same time the most vulnerable children are overweight, thymomegaly, allergic diseases .

Prevention cereal

Prevention true croup in children - is primarily a prevention of diphtheria. Russia has been successfully working program of preventive vaccinations. The vaccine is administered for the first time a child is 3 months and then made a series of repeated boosters for children and adults. Repeat vaccination is necessary because gradually artificial immunity to diphtheria fades.

 If the dealer does not begin to treat the early stages, it can lead to death
 To prevent a true cereal plays a major role flu alert and all acute viral respiratory infections. It is particularly important to protect a child during seasonal epidemics. Infected adults and other children should be isolated. Some important hardening children, interferon preparations, breathing exercises. Remember that most prone to the rump full of children, pay attention to the weight of the child from an early age. Consult your pediatrician about your body weight according to the child's age and growth. In case of excess weight you need to begin an active struggle with overweight. Physical activity and good nutrition will help the child to grow an active and healthy.