Coronary artery disease

Brief description of the disease

 Coronary artery disease

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, coronary heart disease is the most common and most difficult therapeutic problems of modern society. These conclusions are based on the fact that every year from this disease affects more and more people, the incidence is increasing. Especially dangerous is the fact that coronary heart disease, the causes and manifestations of which are extremely diverse, often leads to a complete loss of functionality and is the leading cause of early death among people.

These effects are linked to the lack of blood supply to the heart muscle. This pathology is called "ischemia." In most cases it is a consequence of atherosclerosis of the arteries - a process in which the arterial lumen is significantly narrowed due to plaque formation. Currently, hundreds of professionals continue to work to resolve this issue and try to understand what is the ischemic heart disease. We study the causes, symptoms and clinical picture, accumulated a huge amount of factual material, however, about the complete victory over the disease is too early to say. Coronary heart disease, whose symptoms are manifested mainly in the elderly, continues to take people who are not paying attention to their gender and social status in society.

Of course, modern diagnostic equipment fits much earlier detection of the disease, and even allows you to evaluate the predisposition to a particular problem of the cardiovascular system, but this is not enough. Given how dangerous coronary heart disease, the treatment of this disease should take control of the state, because it is no less interested in its citizens to the life did not leave men and women in the prime of life.

Coronary heart disease - disease symptoms

The first signs of coronary heart disease is almost always subjective, that is, the patient has the unpleasant, painful sensations, but for the time being it does not give them much importance, believing that everything goes by itself. Meanwhile, the grounds for appeal to the cardiologist are absolutely any pain in the heart, particularly if previously they had never worried man. Apart from minor tingling, coronary heart disease, the causes of which are often associated with unhealthy lifestyle, it can manifest itself in the form of attacks. They are also a cause for immediate treatment to the doctor, regardless of the duration and intensity of pain. Note some other characteristic symptoms of coronary heart disease:

  • pain in the chest, arm, jaw and back;
  • shortness of breath occurs even at low physical activity;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • excessive sweating;
  • palpitations, irregular heartbeat;

In general, if the diagnosis of coronary heart disease, the symptoms are highly dependent on the form of the disease. It so happens that the pathology of heart did not manifest itself until the sudden death of a person, what happens, for example, myocardial infarction. However, the approach of trouble can be determined by circumstantial evidence, which include: unexplained attacks of fear, discomfort in the substernal area, temper tantrums and emotional disorders. Direct symptoms of sudden cardiac death - a loss of consciousness, lack of heart sounds, dilated pupils and pale gray skin tone.

Despite the prevalence of sudden deaths, most typical feature of coronary heart disease is angina yet - local pain retrosternal area, shown typically at the left side .  Note also that if a person is diagnosed with coronary heart disease, angina symptoms usually appear rapidly .  In fact, the nature of pain varies from mild discomfort to unbearable pain, accompanied by anxiety, sweating, nausea and general weakness .  Angina attacks - short duration .  In most cases, they do not last more than 10 minutes, and so many people do not pay them enough attention .  Note that ischemic heart disease, treatment is not carried out, or is carried out without compliance with established procedures, constantly progressing, it leads to violations of the cardiovascular system and, eventually, death of the person .

Another characteristic feature of coronary heart disease - it attacks myocardial infarction. At the initial stage of a heart attack can be confused with angina, but later it develops completely differently. In particular, it should be noted that the attacks of chest pain lasts much longer and not be removed by nitroglycerine. At the same time a person raises blood pressure, a state of asphyxiation, the temperature rises and there are disruptions of cardiac rhythm.

Summarize. Coronary heart disease, which causes extremely varied, you may receive for each person. It develops slowly, but surely, over the years, destroying the cardiac system. Accordingly, the sooner people see a doctor, the higher the chance of maintaining performance and live normal, healthy lives to a ripe old age.

Coronary heart disease - disease treatment

 Treatment of coronary heart disease

Just want to say that traditional medicine is very difficult to cope with the symptoms and consequences of coronary heart disease. Treatment in this case - a long, difficult and always consistent. The main problem is that the moment there is no medical technologies that would allow the replacement of damaged connective tissue healthy with no significant risk to the patient's life. For this reason, the diagnosis of ischemic heart disease, treatment involves strengthening the health of the tissue with the help of various medications and ongoing monitoring by a specialist in order to prevent attacks.

In recent years, there have been several methods that allow you to move away from the use of classical, ineffective treatments for coronary artery disease. One of them is the replacement of damaged tissue with healthy stem cells, which form a network of capillary blood vessels and restore normal blood flow to the heart. At this time, stem cell therapy has been used successfully in many clinics around the world and we hope that, sooner or later, this technology will embrace and domestic experts.