Brain Contusion
 The name of the pathological condition of the body contusion comes from the Latin word contusion and literally means "bruise." The total contusion injury represents the entire body or a major part of its surface. Indispensable effects of concussions are - amnesia, loss of consciousness, dizziness, headaches, speech and auditory perception. After a severe concussion effects on the human body is unpredictable, the probability of deaf-mutism or prolonged deep coma.

In some cases, the medical term used generally to refer to an injury of an organ, without specifying, for example, when there is a mean eye contusion or cerebral contusion.

Reasons concussion

The reasons lie in the traumatic concussion effects on the human body resulting from an extensive injury, when the blast wave of a large force of powerful atmospheric pressure variations, strong vibrations, and so on.

The total impact possible concussion in the fall of man from a great height, with the impact of the body flat on the water surface, as well as heaps of dense heavy weights (sand, stones, etc.).

Symptoms of a concussion

It is difficult to imagine how you can get the whole body bruised completely (from the top down to the heel). However, it was injury is essentially a result of exposure to powerful blast wave on the human body. With the explosion of the air surrounding the person in contact with the surface of the body with great force. The impact of a more or less uniform, but not all, human organs kept it the same. Most suffer from the human nervous system and the brain in particular, with different consequences konuzii.

 Symptoms of eye contusion
 In this regard, the most important symptom of even mild concussion is a mandatory loss of consciousness, lasting from a few seconds to a few hours (or even days). Light concussion is not accompanied by any other symptoms, in addition to loss of consciousness. When you receive a very severe contusion person can die without regaining consciousness. Also in severe contusions to the characteristic symptoms of the disorder are joining the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, sometimes leading to a complete cessation of breathing and death.

These severe concussion, usually combined with severe traumatic injuries - fractures (ribs, limbs etc.), Brain concussion, fractures and injuries of internal organs (liver, kidney, spleen).

Treatment of concussion

As such, the treatment of concussion is primarily in building and maintaining vital functions of the injured person at the time when he is unconscious. Shell-shocked man unconscious, helpless and may die, choking even in a small puddle of water.

It is necessary to lay face-up shell-shocked .  If the victim there are clear signs of the respiratory activity of an urgent need to initiate the procedure for artificial respiration .  Pre-need to make sure that the nose and mouth of the patient is not accumulated earth, sand, etc. . d .  (Which often happens during the explosion) .  If the teeth are affected by concussion human impacted, while he is unconscious, First aider needs to let go of their own any means at hand - a suitable size with a stick, knife, etc. . P .  After that you need to clean the nasopharynx from dirt first with a finger and then a suitable piece of clean cloth .  The following proceed directly to the artificial respiration "mouth to mouth" .  Using direct cardiac massage by chest eliminated, since it is possible further injury internal injuries and displacement of broken bones .

The resulting concussion, if not a category is too heavy, and does not cause immediate death, usually passes quickly. Contusion treatment also lends itself quite well. Consequences after a concussion - nervous system disorders, stuttering and auditory disorders effectively treated.