Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis called inflammation, which occurs due to contact with an allergen. The rash of contact dermatitis is limited to one area, and often has clear outlines.  Allergen - the cause of contact dermatitis

The symptoms of contact dermatitis

The symptoms of contact dermatitis begins with a light and non-durable redness and swelling, and end strong bubbles. Often the rash is itchy tiny bubbles. At the beginning of a rash may be limited to areas of contact with the agent, but in the future it can spread to nearby skin.

Area rash can capture large areas of skin (for example, if the contact dermatitis caused by the cream of the body) or to be local (eg, capture earlobes if contact dermatitis caused earrings).

If eliminate stimulus, redness, usually runs for several days. Sometimes bubbles can get wet and form a crust, but they dry up quickly enough. But the itching, scaling and temporary thickening of the skin can persist for several days or weeks.

Causes of contact dermatitis

The cause of contact dermatitis allergens are. They can cause inflammation in the form of irritation (a simple contact dermatitis) or allergic reaction (allergic contact dermatitis). Inflammation may cause even the lightest detergents, soaps and some metals, if frequent contact with the skin. Sometimes dry and irritate the skin may simply constant exposure to ordinary water. Immediately (in minutes) can cause irritation to strong stimuli (for example, alkali and acid contained in detergents), and some organic solvents (eg, acetone as part of a means for removing nail polish).

In allergic contact dermatitis, or the first few initial contact with the irritant can not provoke the inflammation, but further cause contact dermatitis and itching for four to twenty-four hours. It happens that people come into contact with certain substances for years and they do not cause them any irritation, but then, suddenly, there is an allergic reaction. This reaction can cause even those lotions and ointments which are used to treat contact dermatitis. Approximately 10% of women are allergic to nickel, which is found in jewelry. There are also professional contact dermatitis that occurs from contact with certain materials at work.


Determining the cause of contact dermatitis is often difficult, as we do not always remember what contact and, accordingly, that could cause a reaction. Often diagnosed contact dermatitis makes localization of the first eruption.  Triderm - glucocorticoid for the treatment of contact dermatitis

Sometimes, if you even ask in detail the patient, the doctor can not determine the allergen patch test is conducted. During this procedure applied to the skin little substances causing contact dermatitis, and these substances remain on the skin for two days to see whether or not there was a reaction.

Treatment of contact dermatitis

Treatment of contact dermatitis is to eliminate the annoying factor. As a rule, after the removal of stimulus contact dermatitis runs independently. If not, are assigned potent lotions or ointments containing corticosteroids. If the affected person and the genitals, and the rash continues to spread, appointed as preparations for internal use containing corticosteroids. The course of treatment is two to three weeks, as in the use of less time inevitably have relapses. To take the drug once a day in the morning.

To avoid getting infections, the affected area should be periodically washed with plain water with soap myagkodeystvuyuschim means. Bubbles must not be opened. Also, to protect against infection, you can use dry bandage.