Chronic pyelonephritis

Brief description of the disease

 Symptoms of pyelonephritis

Chronic pyelonephritis - an inflammatory disease of the urinary system. At the moment, it is considered the most common infections among the genitourinary system and is diagnosed in 60-75% of patients admitted to the hospital with complaints of difficulty urinating. The inflammatory process affects not only the pelvis, and kidney tissue, and in the final stages of the disease spreading infection of the glomeruli of the kidneys and blood vessels.

Children under 7 years of age and women - this is the risk group, which most commonly affects pyelonephritis. Treatment of the disease requires it to women and children because of the anatomical features of the body - too short urethra, through which the infection penetrates easily and quickly into the body. In women, the role played by the proximity of the vagina, where the process of multiplication of harmful microorganisms takes place particularly intense.

However, chronic pyelonephritis, whose symptoms manifest after acute pyelonephritis occurs in men. Usually it is associated with infectious diseases, urolithiasis, chronic prostatitis, as well as some features of the male urinary tract and kidney abnormalities. A strong half of humanity precipitating factor in the development of pyelonephritis is an adenoma of the prostate, which affects the normal flow of urine, and facilitates the penetration of infection in the body. That's why you need to be sure to effective treatment of BPH.

In children, chronic pyelonephritis (treatment often requires girls) is a consequence of suffering acute pyelonephritis or acute viral disease (angina, influenza, SARS, otitis). Difficulties treat infections in children due to the fact that it rapidly invades the urinary tract and exacerbate infection in the kidney.

Chronic pyelonephritis - Symptoms

Usually, the symptoms appear after undertreated acute pyelonephritis. Often, doctors can remove the acute inflammation, and they stop there, without bothering about the complete destruction of the pathogens in the kidney and the restoration of normal flow of urine. Inadequate treatment leads to chronic pyelonephritis, who constantly worried about the patient's stupid, aching pain in the lower back. Especially much they bugged people in wet, cold weather. Note that at times the disease is exacerbated, and the patient has all the symptoms of an acute process: chills, fever, headache and pain in the lumbar region, kidneys and hypochondria.

Pyelonephritis - Treatment and prognosis

 Tablets for the treatment of pyelonephritis

Basic principles of treatment of the inflammatory process can be reduced to a few simple but important rules:

  • drinking plenty of savory and non-carbonated liquid. The exception is when a chronic pyelonephritis leads to pathologies of the cardiovascular system and lack of circulation;
  • receiving infusions of diuretic plants. Especially effective leaves cranberries or cranberry, corn silk, Horsetail, bearberry and birch buds;
  • intensive antibiotic therapy, which takes place on the results of urine to determine antibiotic susceptibility;
  • in severe and advanced cases of pyelonephritis, treatment is conservative methods did not bring the desired results requires surgery. Usually held urinary drainage channels for the unimpeded flow of urine (puncture nephrostomy, laparotomy, stent, decapsulation).

Uncomplicated chronic pyelonephritis, whose symptoms sometimes occur even in healthy women, can be treated on an outpatient basis with the help of antibiotics. Complications of chronic pyelonephritis leads to hyperthermia and intoxication. In this form it is advisable to hospitalize a patient in a hospital, because a person may need intravenous antibiotics and fluids. Also hospital treatment is performed in pregnant women. This is absolutely unimportant, poorly or are severe symptoms of the disease, because it can happen worsening mom almost any time and it is better to put it under the constant supervision of doctors.

In men, chronic pyelonephritis often occurs with complications, as in most cases occurs on the background of bladder outlet obstruction and therefore requires not only the antibiotic therapy, but also measures aimed at achieving the normal passage of urine (trocar epitsistostomiya, alpha blockers).