Chorea - a disease of the nervous system
 Chorea disease and its forms

Chorea refers to a group of diseases of the nervous system. It can trigger a variety of factors, such as the violation of blood circulation in the brain, viral diseases, rheumatism. Chorea often develops after long-term use of potent drugs and after the poisoning chemicals and carbon monoxide. In pregnant women, the disease is manifested by frequent viral diseases, in particular after the recurrence of angina.

The manifestation of the first symptoms of chorea should be alerted and be examined by a doctor's excuse. The first thing the doctor rule out rheumatic fever, rheumatic chorea because it most often affects the human body. Another form of chorea - rheumatic - a rare disease that occurs as a complication of encephalitis and fraught with paralysis and even death. Rheumatic chorea may suffer children aged two to six years old, and pregnant women. Rheumatic form of the disease manifests itself in 25-30 years in patients who have suffered acute infectious diseases in the past.

A separate form is considered senile chorea. Unlike rheumatic chorea, whose children suffer, it affects the nervous system of people after the age of 60 years, and is preceded by atherosclerosis. In this form of the characteristic symptoms arise chorea, psyche practically does not suffer.

A large group of risk - children of parents who have a history of diagnosed "rheumatic chorea" or other form of the disease. She is one of the most common hereditary diseases and pathological changes in genes are easily transmitted from one generation to pokolenie.Nasledstvennaya form of the disease called Huntington's chorea.

Symptoms symptoms of chorea

The disease can manifest itself immediately. But the symptoms of chorea is usually pronounced and slightly similar to symptoms of other disorders of the nervous system. Start of attack is characterized by weakness, the patient can not stand, move, muscles become weaker and lose their tone. Characteristic symptoms of chorea is quite reminiscent of the natural movements of the face and extremities, smiles, grimaces and other facial expressions. But all this is done unconsciously and uncontrollably man. In severe cases, chorea in children leads to impaired speech irreversible consequences in the cerebellum which result in disruption of motor coordination.

With regard to the mental state of the patient, it also changes in chorea Geningtona. Memory decreases, intellectual activity is disrupted, scattered attention, mood changes dramatically. There are hallucinations, delusions. Relief occurs during sleep the patient, but usually manages to sleep with difficulty because of the manifest symptoms of chorea.

Methods of diagnosis of chorea

To diagnose rheumatic chorea or chorea Geningtona, you must pass a series of examinations. To assign the correct treatment of chorea need to analyze the patient's blood. According to the results can be determined by raising or lowering the level of white blood cells, as well as whether there is a strep infection. As the blood can be detected and causes rheumatoid chorea. In the process of diagnosis of chorea Geningtona sure the doctor reviewed the records of the parents of a sick child, to determine whether the cause of her worsening heredity.

During the test, the EEG is used and the method of magnetic resonance imaging. Chorea in children and adults are also diagnosed using computed tomography.

Features of therapy in the treatment of chorea

The designated physician treatment of chorea must be performed exactly. Risk of some forms of the disease, in particular chorea Geningtona is to frequent relapses. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the advice of doctors. It is very important to the development of chorea in children suffering from rheumatism, put them on record to the clinic. This allows, in some cases, minimize the chance of severe chorea in children and adults.  Preparations for the improvement of the brain - a component of the treatment of chorea

Therapy for the treatment of chorea include a number of drugs. This neuroleptics and sedatives, and anti-inflammatory agents, antihistamines and vitamins, for vasodilation and improve brain function. In severe chorea Geningtona used antibiotics. Additionally, the treatment of chorea appointed physiotherapy, therapeutic radon baths and bath with needles.

The effectiveness of the treatment of chorea depends on how well and timely identified the main cause of this disease. Doctors do not recommend to plan the birth of children to people whose family history has a diagnosis of "chorea". If symptoms appear during pregnancy chorea women, the chances of having a healthy baby decreases. Second pregnancy planning is not necessary.

Parents of children with symptoms of the disease should be very careful and cautious in conversations and behavior. You can not provoke the irritation of his nervous system cries and negative emotions.

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