General information about the disease

 Soft chancre - chancroid
 Chancroid (chancroid, chancroid, the third venereal disease) - an infectious disease that is transmitted only through sexual contact and manifests as painful sores on multiple sex organs, as well as inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Chancroid is common in the countries of Southeast Asia, Africa, Central and South America. In some regions, chancroid in women and men prevail even over syphilis. In recent years, thousands of cases have been identified in Portugal, Italy, the UK and the US. In the CIS the disease is extremely rare, and only those people who traveled abroad, that is, it is imported infection.

Recent studies of sexually transmitted diseases led to the conclusion that 10% of patients infected with chancroid also suffer from syphilis or genital herpes. It was also found a close relationship between chancroid and HIV infection.

What provoked chancroid?

The causative agent of chancroid - bacillus Haemophilus ducreyi - was first described in 1887. Over the next few decades, its detailed study of scientists from Russia, Italy and Germany. At this time, we know that infection of a healthy person takes place only during sexual intercourse when the pathogen enters the mucous membrane of or on damaged skin. If you do not treat chancroid symptoms will progress continuously as sticks are resistant to many chemicals, can easily tolerate low temperatures and quickly multiply. It is for this reason that people who regularly travel abroad, chancroid is detected more often than syphilis and other infections of the genitals.

I would also like to note that some experts suggest the possibility of transferring sticks chancroid asexually. Indirectly, this theory is confirmed by the fact that the infectious agent has been detected several times in children and health care workers who treat infected people. However, studies have not yet been completed and therefore any conclusions on this score will be premature.

Chancroid - Symptoms of the disease

The incubation period of the disease is 3-10 days. Such a large spread of infection is caused by certain peculiarities. In particular, chancroid in women is progressing much slower than men. In most cases, the fairer sex the first signs of infection appear not earlier than 5-6 days after infection. Also, there were cases when the incubation period lasted for several weeks, but such a situation - this is an exception to the rules associated with the individual characteristics of the patient.

At the initial stage of introduction of the pathogen at the site appears a spot of bright red color, the center of which is formed a tight knot with purulent contents. After several days it is opened, and in its place there directly the chancre - ulcer irregular shape having a diameter of several millimeters to 3-4 centimeters. To distinguish from chancroid ulcers, which are formed by some other genital infections, one should consider that:

  • ulcers in chancroid greatly hurt and bleed;
  • Education foundation soft to the touch;
  • around the area of ​​inflammatory lesions visible whisk;
  • chancroid leads to multiple, rather than single ulcers.

Location of ulcers primarily depends on how the infection occurred. When anal sex affected area are located in the anus and appearance resemble deep crack. Oral sexual intercourse can cause ulcers on the oral mucosa. More often chancroid is formed on:

  • the inside of the foreskin;
  • frenulum;
  • large and small labia;
  • in the scaphoid fossa;
  • the surface of the coronal sulcus.

After 2-4 weeks to heal an ulcer to form a small scar. This period may be increased if the patient has a soft chancre, symptoms of which appear more clearly from complications of the disease. In the absence of health care infection leads to violations of the basic systems of the body, and lymph nodes.

Chancroid - treatment of the disease

 Drug for the treatment of chancroid
 During the treatment of chancroid specialists use antibiotics and sulfa drugs. The most widely used agents that kill not only sticks chancroid, but pale treponem which cause syphilis. The course of treatment lasts 1-2 weeks. To prevent the recurrence of genital infections and secondary patient should be monitored regularly with your doctor.

Severe pain in the ulcer is possible to stop using topical antibiotics. Ointments help eliminate the most obvious clinical symptoms that cause significant patient discomfort and reduce the quality of life. In addition, the diagnosis chancroid treatment involves strengthening therapy and the use of immunomodulatory drugs. With advanced forms of chancroid patients surgery is indicated.