The term "chalazion" is translated from Greek means "Gradina, a small bundle." This little seal has a rounded shape and sufficiently clear boundaries. Usually chalazion does not resolve the century for a long time. He often puts pressure on the eyeball, causing other diseases of the eye. Chalazion century can develop in adults and children.  Chalazion century - the small seal


Development chalazion is accompanied by a small swelling of the century, moderate pain and irritation. Usually, all the symptoms disappear after one or two days, but on the eyelid can be painful, rounded swelling. Height swelling often leads to the appearance of a small blur. Sometimes on the surface of the century may form red or gray spot. At considerable sprawl chalazion becomes painful and hard enough to touch.

Chalazion - the causes of the disease

Reason chalazion century is very common - a blockage meybolievoy (sebaceous) glands of the eye. As a result of the blockage in the sebaceous duct secretory fluid accumulates, which leads to the development of inflammation and the formation of the eyelid seal.

Failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene - not less common cause of chalazion. If you frequently wiping his eyes with unwashed hands, forget to wash at night, careless use of contact lenses in the eyes can bring dirt and infection.

A potential cause of chalazion century are any conditions associated with increased sweating (hormonal changes, diabetes mellitus).

Chalazion century can develop from barley if untreated or recurrent relapses.

Treatment chalazion

In 25% of cases the disease goes untreated. In the treatment of chalazion can use hot compresses and then massage the eye. They will remove the blockage and release the contents of the inflammatory focus. For compresses best to use a cloth soaked in warm water. The compress should be placed on the eyelid for fifteen minutes. The procedure is recommended four to six times a day. Then you can massage the eyelid in a circular motion for a minute or two. Conservative treatment (disinfection and drop applications with yellow mercury ointment) chalazion is used only at the initial stage of the disease. Corticosteroid therapy is used in advanced forms of the disease. This method of treatment directly into the cavity chalazion introduced steroids. Steroids accelerate resolution contained in the thickness of the century secret.  Kenalog - a drug for the treatment of chalazion

If corticosteroid treatment does not give proper results, in this case, resorting to surgical treatment chalazion. Under local anesthesia is applied to the eyelid clamp tweezers, then incision of the conjunctiva century cavity chalazion carefully extirpate, and its walls are preserved. Then the cavity is filled with a special disinfectant ointment, antibiotics are introduced under the conjunctiva. After surgery on the eye for several days imposed aseptic bandage.

Chalazion Treatment folk remedies

Chalazion Treatment folk remedies would be appropriate in the event that the seal appeared recently and have not yet had time to grow. The most common method of attachment is considered to be a dry heat to the eye (egg or warmer).

For pain relief suitable poultice of bread crumb. To do this, a hundred grams of crumb should be placed in a glass of milk. Then add a teaspoon of plantain leaves. Ready poultice applied to the sore spot.

Equally effective is the alternation of cold compresses hot compresses on the flax seeds.

Remove chalazion can help dill. You will need one tablespoon of dill and a half cups of water. Crushed fennel is poured boiled water and allow to infuse for a while. Lotions do when the broth has cooled.

From this disease can help aloe and calendula. Ten grams of marigold flowers steamed in hot water and allow to infuse for half an hour. Then filtered and used for lotions.

You can lubricate the seal Kalanchoe juice or aloe. For the treatment of diseases often use boric acid. First, the eye is washed with boric acid, and then fresh cheese wrapped in a napkin, applied to the affected area.

Very effective traditional therapies chalazion is considered medicinal marshmallow. Six grams of marshmallow root pour cold water and insist for eight hours. The resulting solution was washed with patient eye.

When chalazion must take two teaspoons of flowers cornflower and one glass of water. Pour boiling water the flowers and let stand for about an hour. Then strain the infusion and should be applied to the affected area.