Cervical cyst

Cervical cyst (or Nabothian cyst) - a condition where the surface of the cervix mucus-filled cysts are formed, which are the result of inflammation of cervicitis and endocervicitis. Disease  Cyst cervical cyst or Nabothian
 detected by visual gynecological examination, ultrasound examination of small pelvis and colposcopy.

The inner surface of the cervical canal is covered with a single layer of columnar epithelium, which contains glands that produce a special secret-called Nabothian cancer. The outer portion of the uterus is covered by squamous epithelium without glands, which is protective and barrier function, not missing an infection in the internal cavity of the uterus.

Diseases of the cervix occur when a cylindrical and flat epithelium modified, ie squamous cells are in the interior of the uterus, and cylindrical - in the outer. The result of this modification is to reduce the immune system, inflammation and blockage occurs Nabothian glands and cysts are formed. Cysts cervix have the form of medium-sized single or multiple bumps yellow-white medium density, whose size ranges from 1 mm to 2 cm or more.

Symptoms of cervical cyst

Symptoms of cervical cysts are absent, the flow of the disease does not cause menstrual disorders or delayed menstruation or bleeding from the genital tract.

Treatment of cervical cyst

Treatment of cervical cyst begins with a colposcopy, which is a process of puncturing the cyst capsule, through which flows the contents.

For the treatment of recurrent cysts used a combination of phytotherapy homeopathic remedies as vaginal and rectal suppositories with physiotherapy procedures, such as ultrasound Vaginal, vacuum sanitation cervical and vaginal termooroshenie solution sanitizers.

Removal  Ultrasound cervical cyst
 cyst cervical performed using radio wave or laser destruction method. Radiowave treatment method should be aseptically once for 1-2 seconds and painless device "Surgitron."

The modern way to remove cysts cervix is ​​cryotherapy. It is carried out by means of liquid nitrogen, which was treated lesion.

People's treatment of cervical cyst

Treatment of cervical cysts may not only conventional medicine, but also folk remedies.

Recipes of traditional treatment of cervical cysts are as follows:

  • Mashed garlic clove wrapped in gauze and a swab inserted into the vagina for 30 days;
  • Cut seven yolks hard-boiled eggs mixed with a glass of pumpkin seed flour and half a liter of sunflower oil. The resulting mixture, stirring continuously, heated on a steam bath for an hour and then cooled. The finished mixture is taken on an empty stomach in the morning one teaspoon five days in five days, until it is completely finished;
  • Four tablespoons of dried and pre-shredded partitions walnuts poured three cups of boiling water, then put on low heat and boil for 15-20 minutes, then strain the broth and cooled. The resulting mixture Take half a cup three times a day;
  • The crushed leaves through the grinder burdock juice squeezed from that in the first two days are inside one teaspoon twice a day on the third and fourth day - 1 teaspoon three times a day, and further in one tablespoon three times daily for 30 days. Ready burdock juice is stored in a glass container in the refrigerator;
  • One glass of alcohol or vodka, pour 2 tablespoons of fresh flowers acacia, insist in a dark place, then strain and is taken orally one tablespoon three times a day for a month;
  • One teaspoon of flowers of bird cherry and herb celandine, two teaspoons of chicory root, calendula flowers and grass Knotweed, three teaspoons of cinnamon rosehips, sea buckthorn leaves and plantain leaves, four teaspoons of chamomile flowers and five teaspoons of leaves dioica nettle pour a glass of boiling water, cover with a lid and five o'clock insist in a warm place. The finished mixture is take one tablespoon twice a day for a month.