Cerebral palsy

Brief description of the disease

 cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy or cerebral palsy - a congenital disease of the brain during fetal development. Acquired cerebral palsy is rare, due to traumatic brain injury or infection.

Cerebral Palsy - is the most common cause of childhood disability, which is celebrated nine children out of a thousand.

In many respects this is due to insufficient knowledge of statistics, the complexity and unpredictability of the disease.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy

The main cause of cerebral palsy is considered brain hypoxia. Hypoxia can occur due to rapid or prolonged labor when the baby's brain of oxygen fed in very small quantities.

Contact with radiation and chemicals literally "poisons" the fruit, so it is no surprise that women working in hazardous environments, will give birth to a child with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. No fewer chemicals provoke disease X-rays and exposure to electromagnetic fields. No small influence on the formation of cerebral palsy in a child and have bad habits mother, pathology of the thyroid gland.

Injuries sustained during childbirth or before them - is another factor influencing the development of cerebral palsy. Injuries sustained during childbirth, can severely damage the brain full of the unborn child. Most often in such cases there is hemorrhage followed by death of brain areas. It is worth noting that children who were born by caesarean section, virtually no diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

Such infectious diseases such as meningitis or encephalitis, can also provoke cerebral palsy.

The brain of the newborn can also be paralyzed, intellectually incomplete without a birth injury. He is less healthy brain children of this age, and struck deep genetic disorders. These children tend to rarely survive: these only 10%. In this case, the main cause of the disease - a hereditary factor.

Symptoms of cerebral palsy

At an early age, when the central nervous system of the child is not fully formed, children with cerebral palsy are almost indistinguishable from the others.

Over time, it becomes obvious that the kid is seriously lagging behind their peers in development. He later begins to keep your head and roll for a long time can not sit without support, not creeps. Symptoms of cerebral palsy are even more obvious when the child is a year, and the first steps is no hint. In an unhealthy child has hearing problems also and speech: the sharp sounds of it does not react by blinking and begins to speak in 2-3 years. At about the same age you may notice that a child uses primarily one hand (right-handedness or left-handedness).

Movement of the child with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and sudden uncontrolled or, conversely, sluggish, most often aimless. May start cramping of hands and feet, as well as the lower jaw when crying.

Child aged 5-6 years can have a number of uncontrollable habits, such as biting the lips, nail biting. He's hyperactive, naughty. He did not speak, because they can not control the lips and tongue. The child starts drooling caused by the inability to control the work of many groups of muscles responsible for swallowing. The patient has cerebral palsy develop strabismus caused by weakness of the muscles responsible for the movement of the eyeball. The gait is often strained, the child literally goes "on the fingers", with several legs crossed and pressed to each other.

Treatment of cerebral palsy

 treatment of cerebral palsy

The best way to health of the child with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy affects physical activity, of course, if it is permitted by your doctor. Physiotherapy specialists, massage, warm baths - this is exactly what is needed for the rehabilitation of the patient.

Treatment of cerebral palsy involves the use of drugs to improve the functioning of the brain. It may also be the method of Vojta, the essence of which is to restore the natural pattern of human movement, as well as in the formation of motor skills. The child must learn to manage the balance, to make grasping and stepping movements of the limbs.

It is advisable and wearing orthopedic shoes to avoid deformity.

Patients with Cerebral Palsy is to educate normal walking regularly and methodically develop each muscle group through training and exercises. Exercises to stretch the muscles, endurance and stress relief will soon give positive results, and with the duration of treatment child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, practically does not differ from healthy peers.

Remember, for a child with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy best treatment - is a friendly atmosphere in the family, love and sincere hope relatives of recovery.