Phlegmon persons

Cellulitis is an inflammatory disease of purulent fat. The name of the disease comes from the Greek word flegmone, which translated literally means - inflammation, fever. Educated abscess can almost anywhere in the body. A characteristic feature is its localization phlegmon is in adipose tissue. In every corner of the human body, where there are fat cells, there is a risk of cellulitis at the confluence of adverse circumstances.

Type localization of cellulitis can be widespread or limited. When a reduced immune response and progressive type of cellulitis purulent inflammation has no clear boundaries. The cavities are filled with pus, quickly seized large areas of subcutaneous tissue, in some cases forming necrotic areas.

Types of cellulitis

Experts are divided cellulitis into primary and secondary.

With the direct penetration of germs into the bloodstream through the damaged skin surface formed primary cellulitis. Secondary cellulitis occur in cases where inflammation is spreading of existing chronic foci of infection (eg, pleurisy, osteomyelitis and so on. N.).

There is a large list of abscesses, classified according to the place of localization, as the disease, as mentioned above, there can be absolutely anywhere, where there is subcutaneous fat (intermuscular, Kidney, subcutaneous, and so on. D.).

1. Phlegmon neck

Abscesses and cellulitis of the neck are classified as diseases for which the unpredictable and the consequences can be very severe and even life-threatening patient. In most cases, the source of pathogenic infection in phlegmon of the neck is the inflammation of the mouth and throat - pharyngitis, laryngitis, chronic tooth decay and so on. N. Disease. Individual approach to each patient provide dentistry Minsk.

Superficial abscesses and cellulitis neck occur most often on the deep cervical fascia and so they do not pose any particular risk, because they are readily available for quick opening. Most abscesses in the neck localized submental and submandibular areas. The clinical picture in this type of abscesses following: general temperature rose to 39 degrees Celsius, the patient feels severe headache, general weakness, and malaise. Laboratory blood test indicates an elevated white blood cell count. In the absence of timely treatment of abscess progresses and the inflammation spreads to the large veins of the facial area, there is also the risk of purulent meningitis.

2. Brush Phlegmon

The disease is localized phlegmon brush in deep subcutaneous space brushes, inflammation causes pyogenic infection entering through wounds, cuts and scratches - streptococci or staphylococci.

Experts identify the following sub-cellulitis brush:

- On the platform of the thumb;

- Medial palmar area;

-  Opening and cleaning of the purulent center - treatment of cellulitis
 abscess in the form of cufflinks.

Purulent inflammation may occur anywhere on the wrist of the space with a further extension to the back of the hand. The patient feels severe pain with throbbing, there is a significant swelling of tissues and sharp pain on palpation. Treatment for cellulitis brush is the surgical opening of the purulent center, cleaning out the contents and drainage cavity wounds. After surgery, patients received antibiotic therapy with the use of drugs, usually cephalosporin.

3. Phlegmon persons

Another subspecies of the disease is severe facial abscess. Favored localization of this type abscesses in most cases arranged around the jaw, in the temporal region, a chewing muscles and so on. D.

When cellulitis person observed increase in the overall temperature of the body to the extreme elevations (40 degrees Celsius and up), tachycardia, the place there is a strong swelling of tissues, impaired swallowing and chewing functions. Laboratory analysis of blood shows a significant increase in the number of white blood cells.

Patients with suspected phlegmon persons should be immediately hospitalized in a specialized medical facility (dental surgery department). If untreated, cellulitis facial forecasts - always extremely unfavorable.