Calluses on the feet

As a result, long wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes, crushing impact or friction on the surface of the skin usually are extremely painful and aesthetically unattractive phenomenon - calluses get rid completely of whom later, it is often not so simple.

Not all the known fact that corn actually serve to protect sensitive skin from excessively damaged. Ugly growths of calloused skin and dead cells protect the skin surface from further injury in areas of high friction and pressure. Excessive growth of callus tissue, in turn, begins to cause severe pain and becomes a real problem.

Causes of corns

The most common cause of corns on the feet is to wear uncomfortable, cramped or unsuitable for shoe size. But this is not the only cause of blisters. According to some experts the corn in a particular location can also indicate the presence of serious diseases in the body.

Calluses, located on the edges of heels, signal of possible problems in the state of the vascular system. Suddenly appeared under the pinky toes on his left foot - about heart disease. The appearance of blisters on the toes elsewhere characteristic of strong nervous exhaustion.

Quite rare - corn, which arose in the middle of the inner surface of the foot, can tell you about potential problems and diseases in the colon, and in the earliest stages, when there appeared no obvious symptoms.

 It causes blisters on the feet

Types of corns

All calluses are divided into the following types:

- Wet;

- Dry;

- Rod;

- Corns.

Calluses on the feet meet all of the above species. In addition, the toes can be formed so called calluses often - little fingers. Calluses on the feet should be distinguished from corns, in appearance they resemble small hard bumps, often yellowish. Calluses treatment by conservative methods, as a rule, do not give in. Removal of bone callus type produced exclusively in health facility surgically.

Treatment of corns

The need for timely treatment of corns due to the fact that they grow and begin to cause very severe discomfort and excruciating pain when walking (in the case of blisters on the soles of the feet).

It is best to entrust the removal of corns (especially rod) experienced cosmetologist. In this case, you can be completely sure that the corn is removed completely and place of its localization processed and disinfected accordingly.

If that is not feasible, you can try to remove the corn yourself at home. Before the actual removal of corns, you need to steam the skin in warm water with a solution of soap, soda or ammonia.

After steaming, you can put on your skin special agent from corns (to maximize soften the horny layer of the skin), and then begin scraping it with a pumice stone or a special cosmetics for the treatment of terochkoy feet. After the completion of the removal of corn necessary to disinfect the place on which the corn, an iodine solution to prevent getting an infection.

As the folk remedies of calluses can recommend the following golden rules for feet care:

- Twice a week is required to treat the surface with pumice foot immediately after the adoption of hygienic shower or bath;

- Periodically arrange a warm foot bath with the addition of milk or herbal decoction, such procedures not only help to keep the skin surface soft and smooth as a baby, but also effectively stimulate the blood circulation in the legs;

 The remedy for corns Foot Woorks
 - To choose and wear the shoes for daily wear only from natural materials (leather, canvas and so on.) On a low heel (no more than five centimeters);

- For the prevention of calluses and pain in the legs is necessary to have a habit of using special inserts and arch supports for comfortable wear shoes.

By the treatment of wet calluses should be treated with extreme caution, since the probability of infection into the bloodstream along with the lymphatic fluid that fills helotic bubble. In no case can not use the "useful" people's councils, and pierce or puncture the bubble helotic to squeeze out the lymphatic fluid to relieve his condition. If helotic bubble was discovered independently, the entire area of ​​the corn as soon as possible to handle an antiseptic, it is best iodine or brilliant green solution. After the treatment, the wound should be carefully seal the bactericidal plaster.