Bubonadenitis is a form of inflammation of the lymph nodes.  Bubonadenitis - swollen lymph nodes in the groin area
 The main function of the lymphatic system is to protect the body against various external influences. This is accomplished by forming it of special immune cells that protect the body from all sorts of infections. Therefore, human health depends on the state of the lymphatic system. If a man comes inflammation of the lymph nodes, it indicates the presence of an organism dangerous to the health of the infection.

Bubonadenitis in men and women is a secondary disease that occurs due to the presence of inflammation in any part of the body. The most common cause of inguinal lymphadenitis is any sexually transmitted disease. Primary inflammation of the lymph nodes is very rare, and it is the pathogens pathogenic microflora.

Symptoms of inguinal lymphadenitis

The main symptoms of inguinal lymphadenitis in women and men are:

  • seal and enlarged lymph nodes in the groin;
  • fever;
  • state of general malaise, weakness;
  • the emergence of pain in the groin and lower abdomen during exercise or walking;
  • redness of the skin around the lymph nodes.

It happens that bubonadenitis applies to all the lymph nodes. If purulent lymphadenitis is, it may be the result of an abscess, in which the decomposition of the blood vessel walls, accompanied by persistent bleeding. In this case, immediate treatment of inguinal lymphadenitis.

Causes inguinal lymphadenitis

If you suspect a lymphadenitis should immediately contact a physician, who in turn may refer the patient to consult with other specialists and the passage of the survey.

Sometimes the cause of inguinal lymphadenitis can be a serious disease, such as syphilis. Bubonadenitis in men may be due to metastatic malignancy of the testes or penis. Women bubonadenitis often occurs as a result of ovarian cysts, and various fungal diseases.

Children  Festering bubonadenitis woman
 inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes is extremely rare. If it occurs, it indicates the presence of damage to the skin surface of the lower limbs as a result of scratches, cuts and injuries. If, after the healing of wounds still inflamed lymph nodes, an urgent need to show the child to a specialist.

Treatment of inguinal lymphadenitis

Accurate diagnosis and root cause of inguinal lymphadenitis can identify only a doctor. Therefore, patients should not self-medicate and consult a specialist.

Treatment of inguinal lymphadenitis can be conservative or surgical. Conservative treatment is applied at an early stage of the disease. Patients received adequate antibiotic therapy. During treatment, the patient shows complete rest and warmth, but is strictly forbidden to warm himself inflamed lymph node. Heat provokes further course of the inflammatory process. It should also be noted that lymphadenitis may be due to cancer, and in this case warming is strictly forbidden, since it contributes to the spread of cancer cells. For the treatment of the disease are widely used special aseptic dressings local action.

If bubonadenitis turned into a purulent form, it can cause necrosis of surrounding tissues. In this case, treatment of inguinal lymphadenitis surgery alone. The surgeon holds the cut swollen lymph nodes, remove the pus out and remove dead tissue nearby. With antimicrobial and antiseptic preparations doctor carries out drainage dissected cavity.

For the treatment of chronic forms of inguinal lymphadenitis is first necessary to determine the cause of the disease. If the cause is any sexually transmitted disease, the main treatment should be aimed at his removal. As a rule, after the cause of swollen lymph nodes are alone. If the inflammation does not go away, the doctor prescribes additional rentgenoobsledovanie and assigns treatment aimed at strengthening the immune system of the patient.

Today, doctors are trying to resort to surgery only in extreme cases, since it is proved that it can lead to improper lymph drainage, which in turn leads to lymphedema and elephantiasis.