Urinary incontinence in children

It is well established that urinary incontinence in children is much more common than is discussed, because of the sensitivity of the problem. This pathology often has a medical nature and demands of responsible parents. To help your child to overcome it should discard the false and awkward to work closely with your doctor.  Lag in development of the nervous system - one of the reasons of incontinence in children

Causes of urinary incontinence in children

A systematic approach to the question requires an understanding of - primary or secondary enuresis is taking place in this particular case. Depending on the nature of the situation it is determined by a particular approach to its resolution.

The most common primary enuresis in children. In order to establish the cause may require a family history. Presumably Primary enuresis occurs in children whose parents have a child suffered a similar problem.

In some cases, primary nocturnal enuresis in children may be due to some delay in the development of the nervous system. So, with full bladder brain sleeping child should signal the bladder emptying ban. By delaying the development of the CNS such a signal may be insufficient.

It is much less common secondary enuresis in children, and the reason that caused its appearance, are usually stress or trauma.

Modern approach to the treatment of urinary incontinence in children

Qualified therapy based on quality diagnosis. To clarify the diagnosis, usually required

  • a detailed medical history,
  • Analysis of urine,
  • somnological research (monitoring of sleep).

If a child suffers from chronic constipation, his bladder may experience constant pressure from the intestine, causing involuntary urination. Availability urological infections or elevated glucose levels in urine may also cause incontinence in children. Often, registered in the laboratory somnological apnea - momentary cessation of breathing - is the cause of bedwetting in children.  Stress - the cause of secondary enuresis in children

Also, the average bed-wetting in children can be caused by a strong nervous shock. In such cases, assistance of a qualified child psychologist.

In the arsenal of modern medicine for the treatment of urinary incontinence in children have special humidity sensors. They are designed to help solve the problem of bedwetting in children. This traditional methods - such as waking the baby three hours after falling asleep, and offered to go to the toilet - have not lost their effectiveness.

If during the day the baby is getting enough fluid, then in the evening is better to limit the number of drinks. Also it is necessary to consult with your doctor about the advisability of the appointment of special drugs that reduce the production of urine overnight. Strongly recommended to scold the children for bedwetting. On the contrary, the child should encourage and support, inspire confidence in his victory over the problem.

Daytime incontinence in children is not only the pathology before the age of 4 years in girls and up to 5 years of age in boys. More adulthood, it may indicate the presence of asymptomatic epilepsy. The situation calls for consultation with children epileptologist who must appoint EEG brain.

Full-time enuresis in children may also develop in the early school years. During this period, the micturition reflex still not stable. If the teacher prohibits students going to the toilet during lessons as needed, the receptors lose sensitivity bladder, which can also cause incontinence in children. This issue should be discussed with the teacher beforehand.