Inflammatory processes resulting from the blockage of the ducts Bartholin glands are called bartholinitis. The reasons contributing to the manifestation of symptoms bartholinitis, serve a variety of infectious agents, which fall into the Bartholin's duct, both direct (sexually) by and others (bypass) paths, for example, from an infectious focus in the tonsils or a diseased tooth.

It is worth noting that such reasons bartholinitis in the overall statistics are much less common. The most common variant of the first occurrence of bartholinitis - getting an infection through external genitals in a cloth Bartholin gland ducts which are displayed on the inner surface of the labia minora.

Reasons bartholinitis

 Reasons bartholinitis
 The most common reasons bartholinitis experts attribute the lack of attention to women's personal hygiene, as well as the weakening of the immune response to infection by pathogens.

Bartolini occurs when the invasion of the body a wide variety of pathogens - Chlamydia, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, trichomonas, gonococci, and viruses. Often, the activation of the disease is due to the effects on the female body a combination of several types of harmful microorganisms.

Germs and viruses easily overcome delicate fabric wall Bartholin gland through its excretory duct, which opened in the vestibule (the output flow to the outside is disposed between the back and the middle third of the inner surface of the small labia). That is why, the most likely way of occurrence bartholinitis - getting an infection from the urethra or vagina of women. As mentioned above, the reasons bartholinitis due to hit pathogenic infection through the bloodstream, it is theoretically also possible, but in practice are rare.

In most cases, the development process bartholinitis occurs unilaterally, ie inflames only one iron. During the progression of the disease excretory duct of Bartholin's gland is blocked and festering secret rapidly accumulating within the prostate, it has no natural outlet to the outside.

Later, in iron formed inflammatory and extremely painful abscess (a rapidly growing and sometimes reaches the size of a hen's egg), high body temperature rises, the patient chills and occasionally fever. In the inflamed gland felt a tingling, burning, and pain radiating to the perineum. Sometimes there is a spontaneous opening of the abscess, and it implies fetid greenish-yellow liquid. Bartholinitis symptoms subside for a while, and the disease is receding, but after a while recur with renewed vigor, so delaying a visit to the doctor is not worth it, especially when there bartholinitis during pregnancy.

Diagnosis bartholinitis

With self-diagnose a woman can easily find the following symptoms bartholinitis:

- On the border of the lower and middle thirds of the labia detectable seal and swelling;

- Inflammation of the skin over the place the red (with a bluish tint), hot and very painful on palpation;

- High body temperature (38 ° C or higher);

- General weakness, lethargy;

- Signs of intoxication;

- Clicking on the inflamed gland there is a sharp, burning and unbearable pain.

In the absence of appropriate treatment bartholinitis festering abscess may reveal spontaneously and its contents are excreted, temporarily bringing relief and relieving tension from the inflamed tissues. After opening the abscess once the temperature decreases, leaving pain and suffering bartholinitis woman might get the impression that the disease is finally receded. But in fact this is not true - bartholinitis becomes chronic. After a short relief, without proper treatment bartholinitis returns and will recur constantly. Chronic bartholinitis requires a long time and a larger effort to treat it as from the patient or from a physician.

With long-term existence of untreated chronic bartholinitis patient woman has a risk of Bartholin gland cyst.

If you have found yourself at the above symptoms bartholinitis, you need timely access to a gynecologist to establish an accurate diagnosis and timely treatment.

To diagnose bartholinitis gynecologist will conduct regular inspection of the internal and external female genitals. Discharge from the Bartholin gland duct will be sent to the microbiological laboratory examination for ascertaining pathogens. With the opening of a purulent abscess as the crop will be sent to the content. Results of laboratory research will allow to exclude the presence of severe infections and to appoint a sick woman bartholinitis proper medication.

Symptoms bartholinitis

Bartholinitis Symptoms vary depending on the nature of the flow. Acute bartholinitis flows tend to produce false abscess, acute pain and a sharp deterioration in health. Soreness in the area of ​​the abscess reaches the point that the patient can not move independently. Symptoms bartholinitis retained as long as the abscess will not break on their own or will be opened in a medical facility. When the spontaneous opening of the abscess pus expire not completely damped bartholinitis symptoms and the disease becomes chronic.

Symptoms of chronic bartholinitis usually occur during menstruation, after suffering hypothermia in the period of seasonal infectious diseases and on the background of the general decrease in immunity. In chronic pain Bartolini not so intense as in acute throughout his body temperature rarely rises to the highs, performance women often are not reduced.

Particularly careful attention needs bartholinitis during pregnancy. Pyogenic infection was the cause of the disease can cross the placenta and into the circulatory system of the unborn child. It is extremely dangerous consequences are possible in the first trimester, when laid and formed all future systems and organs of the baby.

Treatment bartholinitis

 Treatment bartholinitis Genferon

Bartholinitis Treatment should be conducted in a hospital under constant supervision of specialists. After opening purulent abscess drainage and gynecologist usually assigns the appropriate treatment with antibiotics and sulfa drugs. If you want to solve the problem of complete removal of the Bartholin gland and carried her husking.

After being discharged from the hospital for the prevention and the prevention of the onset of symptoms bartholinitis the other hand woman should strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene. As an independent action, can advise periodic adoption sitz baths with diluted (slightly pink) solution of potassium permanganate or a decoction of chamomile. Time of acceptance of such baths - about twenty minutes.