Brief description of the disease

Athlete - a disease characterized by lesions of the upper layers of skin and nail fungi of the genus epidermofiton. Athlete refers to a number of fungal diseases of the skin, hair loss does not occur. More common in men, although women athlete is also not uncommon.  Athlete - dermal fungi

There are two forms of athlete: jock itch and athlete's foot.

Jock itch

Jock itch - is caused by the fungus Epidermophyton inguinale Sabourand. You can get the disease in the bath or pool for the use of common washcloths, towels, personal hygiene items.

Enabling environment for the pathogen jock itch - heat and moisture, so often this disease affects overweight people with a tendency to increased sweating, diabetes. Frequent use of wet compresses can also contribute to the development of the disease. Jock itch occurs in women and men, although more often sick individual male.

The localization of the disease - on the inside of the thigh, in the inguinal folds, pubic and underarm. In obese people athlete can apply to the skin of the abdomen or chest. Athlete in women is also on the skin under the breasts.

The initial stage of the disease characterized by the appearance of red spots, which are shelled. Later appear large pockets with redness and swelling edge on these sites may appear blisters and scales. With the development of the disease foci coalesce into larger affected areas. Wound edge of the epidermis consist of peeling. During periods of exacerbation characteristic symptom is itching.

Inguinal athlete begins sharply, but then takes a chronic and can last for months or even years. Periods of remission alternating with periods of exacerbation.

Athlete's foot

Athlete's foot - a contagious disease that is spread from person to person when visiting the baths, swimming pools, showers on the beach. Walking on a rug or infected litter bare feet, wearing someone else's shoes, socks also can cause athlete's foot. Development of the disease contribute to excessive sweating legs, wearing tight, properly fitted footwear, and various scrapes and diaper rash, disturbance of acid-alkaline balance of sweat. Also, athlete's foot can be caused by common diseases: a malfunction of the nervous and endocrine systems, vitamin deficiencies, angoipatii, injury stop, acrocyanosis.

The causative agent of the disease is the fungus Trichophyton mentagrophytes.

There are several forms of this disease.

Squamous form - characterized by flaking on the ball of the foot, which can take small sections and apply to the entire foot. Patients worried about a slight itching, sometimes symptoms may be absent altogether. Therefore, this form of the disease often goes unnoticed that the epidemiological situation worsens. At the initial stage it affects only one foot, and then the disease becomes the second stop.

Intertriginoznoy form - occurs when there squamous form. The localization of the pathogen - in the interdigital space, most often between the fourth and fifth finger. This form is characterized by the presence of cracks athlete, surrounded by peeling of the epidermis, between the toes. Sometimes the disease can spread to the folds of the toes and foot. Intertriginoznoy form is characterized by itching and soreness of the affected areas. The disease has a long duration, aggravation occurs in winter. If left untreated, may develop chronic thrombophlebitis of legs and faces due to the accession of streptococcal infection.

Disgidroticheskaya form - characterized by the presence in the arch of the foot of bubbles of different size. The vesicles can fuse together to form ulcer surface exfoliates the epidermis around the edges. The disease can spread to the inner and outer side of the foot. Symptoms of the disease are pain and itching. If the affected area becomes infected, the fluid in the vesicles becomes cloudy, pus. Perhaps the development of lymphangitis and lymphadenitis. The disease is characterized by a prolonged course with periods of remission and exacerbation.

Athlete's nail - is a form of athlete's foot. At the initial stage of the disease at the nail edge formed yellow stripes or spots. Then the nail plate thickens, becomes yellow. With the development of athlete's nails observed the destruction of the nail plate, causing it to crumble and break. Sometimes athlete nail nail plate becomes thinner and rejected. This process is also called onycholysis. The most common fungus attacks the first and fifth toe.

Treatment of athlete

Treatment of athlete aims at getting rid of the causative agent.

 Treatment of athlete - getting rid of the pathogen

Jock itch - treatment involves the use of drugs such as: mikozolon, sulfur-tar ointment, 2% iodine tincture Lorinden-C.

If the disease is localized on the feet, the treatment of athlete's appointment suggests fungicides, such as sulfur-tar ointment mikoseptin, mikozolon, Wilkinson ointment, liquid Castellani et al. Also conducted detachment of Arievich and Sheklakovu.