Principles of treatment of atherosclerosis


If confirmation of the diagnosis atherosclerosis, treatment involves holding many complex, lengthy and time-consuming procedures. Trifle in this case is not and can not, therefore, the patient should be mentally and physically prepare for the implementation of all recommendations of the physician. Currently atherosclerosis cured through diet, exercise and medication. Briefly consider the nuances of each technique.



Since atherosclerosis of the limbs and the brain often associated with deposits of fat in the walls of blood vessels, the patient must eat right. The main rule here - to minimize the consumption of energy-dense foods. First, the patient must abandon animal fats, meat (except chicken), some dairy products (milk, fat cottage cheese, cream) and egg yolks. All of these products - the main sources of cholesterol. Additionally, they break the qualitative characteristics of blood, carbohydrate metabolism and lead to trombooobrazovaniyu. It should also limit the amount of vegetable oils, because they reduce the concentration of high density lipoprotein, which is why often develops arteriosclerosis of lower extremities. The list of recommended products is as follows:

  • foods made from wheat flour - contained bind cholesterol in food, excrete nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals and carcinogens;
  • seafood - dishes of squid, mussels, seaweed. They contain organic iodine, which prevents atherosclerosis, and vitamin B6, are actively involved in the process of fat metabolism;
  • baked potatoes, dill, chives, parsley, prunes, bananas, black currant and other foods rich in calcium salts;
  • Oatmeal or corn flakes, yogurt, soy foods;
  • fresh vegetables and fruit, except for grapes and juice from it.

Note also that the current treatment of atherosclerosis involves the distribution of a standard ration for a few meals. Ideal - to eat 5-6 times a day, with last admission should be not later than 19 hours. As for ice cream, sweets and alcoholic beverages. Since atherosclerosis, the symptoms of which are increasingly observed in young adults is associated with a decrease in the lumen of blood vessels, patients strictly forbidden to use chocolate, sweet cakes, spirits, cocktails and ice cream.

Tough diet appointed for a period of 3-4 months. During this time the patient is under constant surveillance. If atherosclerosis of the aorta continues to evolve, it becomes tougher diet. At the same time patients received pharmacological treatment of atherosclerosis.

Medications effective in the treatment of atherosclerosis

Just want to say that the use prescribed funds have a very long time, and in many cases - for life. For this reason, you should correct approach to the selection of drugs, in order to minimize the chance of side effects. Currently, treatment of atherosclerosis of the lower extremities and the brain is made with:

  • statins - an active group of cholesterol-lowering agents that block the formation of cholesterol in the human liver. The most prominent representatives of this group - lovastatin, simvastatin, pravastatin and fluvastatin. They all reduce the amount of cholesterol and prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques;
  • fibrates - fibreboard acid derivatives which increase the amount of high density lipoprotein and total cholesterol decrease. In recent years, doctors are constantly arguing about whether it is appropriate to treat cerebral arteriosclerosis fibrates and other forms of the disease. Some categorically against their use because of side effects, while others believe that without fibrates is not worth starting treatment. The truth, as it usually happens somewhere in the middle. When uncontrolled receiving fibrates can actually be dangerous, so all treatment regimens should be coordinated with a specialist cardiologist. For drugs in this group include: clofibrate, fenofibrate, bezafibrate and gemfibrozil.
  • nicotinic acid - as well as fibrates increases the content of lipoproteins, while lowering triglycerides. The use of nicotinic acid is justified in those cases where atherosclerosis is associated with increased cholesterol content of high density. The drug dilates blood vessels, but it causes redness of the skin, so take it with caution and monitored regularly by a doctor. One of the new dosage forms of nicotinic acid is enduratsin, freed from most of the side effects of the original product.

Among the cholesterol-lowering drugs colestipol should also be noted, neomycin, probucol, guar lipostabil, benzaflavin and Eiconol. They have different effects on the body, but eventually decide to share the zhezadachi: lower cholesterol, normalize the metabolism, block the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

 The drug used in the treatment of atherosclerosis

General principles of treatment of atherosclerosis

Along with diet and medication, treatment of atherosclerosis of the lower limbs and the brain and involves correction of risk factors. Secondary prevention of complications include: reduction of excess weight, giving up smoking and alcohol, regular exercise. All these events will bring visible effect is not immediately, but it will be delayed for several months. However, in this case to talk about the timing of treatment is pointless, because we have seen above, that some patients are trying to get rid of atherosclerosis throughout adult life.