Brief description of the disease


Atheroma - a benign soft formation under the skin round, appearing due to blockage of the sebaceous glands. Most often, it can be found on the face, scalp, armpits, perineum, scrotum, labia, the back of the neck, interscapulum - where there is a large number of sebaceous glands.

Sometimes called atheroma wen, she can be of different sizes - from a small pea to a walnut and even more.

Causes of atheroma

Metabolic disorders and unfavorable environmental conditions, trauma, hormonal disorders can cause atheroma.

Symptoms of atheroma

Atheroma rarely causes pain and understand that this is it possible for visual medical examination.

Atheroma is often infected, inflamed and fester. As a consequence, she blushes increases, becomes painful, a human body temperature rises.

Diagnosing atheroma

For the diagnosis of education, like the atheroma, examined by a doctor.

Identify it as a pre-atheroma can be based on the typical arrangement and appearance of Education - he has clear boundaries, it does not cause pain, and can be seen on the surface of the locked entrance to the sebaceous duct (a black dot).

But such a wen very similar to lipoma, and therefore the correct and definitive diagnosis can be made only after morphological and histological studies, the results of which exclude the lipoma and malignant tumors.

Treatment of atheroma

The official medicine in the treatment of atheroma offers only its removal. Currently available are three methods: the classical surgery, laser and radio wave removal of atheroma.

 A method for treating atheroma in official medicine - removal

The choice of treatment is almost always the patient, as all of these methods are equally applicable to any size of atheroma.

The advantages of laser and radiofrequency techniques - is a high cosmetic effect, maintaining a patient disability, absence of rehabilitation period.

Only if wen inflamed and pus gathered in mass, the removal of atheroma is not carried out - it is opened, the contents of the purified and administered medication.

Despite the categorical attitude of official medicine to the treatment of atheroma, practices and folk remedies. But we must remember that the national treatment of atheroma usually does not give instant results and can not be treated as a sore wen, as it carries the risk of infection to adjacent tissue.

Especially popular are the recipes of national treatment of atheroma:

  • treatment of mutton fat. Warm melted mutton fat rubbed into the atheroma.
  • Treatment of the mother-and-stepmother. Fresh leaves of the plant is necessary to impose on the atheroma and fix plaster or bandage. I have such a compress once a day.
  • Treatment of decoction of burdock root. Make a lotion with the filtered and cooled down broth burdock (2st.lozh. At 0, 5 l. Of water).
  • Treatment of roasted onions. Baked and rubbed into mush small onion should be mixed with grated soap and economic (1 st.lozh.). The resulting mass is put on the atheroma and covered with a bandage. Two to three times a day is necessary to change the compress.
  • Treatment of garlic. A few cloves of garlic and add a pound a little sunflower oil. The resulting slurry is easy massage movements rub in atheroma.

People's treatment of atheroma is usually carried out to its full disappearance

Prevention of atheroma

As the atheroma occurs due to violation of the outflow of sebaceous secretion, periodic facials to clean pores in the skin masks, plastic massage, steam bath. Particular attention should be paid to areas where the greasiness of the skin is most pronounced. To reduce the greasiness of the scalp use podsushivayuschee shampoos.

In addition to personal hygiene very important in the prevention of atheroma is attached and nutrition. You must try to eat as little as possible of products containing carbohydrates, animal fats.

If the removal of atheroma does not help, and they recur, should refer to an endocrinologist. Perhaps the reason lies in the atheroma disease of the endocrine system.

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