Brief description of the disease


The first step is to clarify the terms used .  Many people equate the concepts of "hypertension" and "hypertension" .  It's not quite right, and now we will explain why .  In fact, high blood pressure - is excessive voltage smooth muscle .  In case it does arterioles may cause high blood pressure, but only cause .  The very same high blood pressure or hypertension is termed essential hypertension .  At the same time the patient has a stable high blood pressure .  This is quite an important point, because the pressure can easily rise and absolutely healthy person under the influence of external factors (stress, intense physical and emotional stress) .  In this case, increase in blood pressure is a protective reaction of the organism to stimuli, however, if it is a long time getting back to normal, then we are talking not about a normal, natural process, and the serious illness .

Hypertension - high blood pressure symptoms

Despite the development of technology and the emergence of new methods of diagnosis, early detection of hypertension continues to be an important health problem. This is due to the fact that in the initial stages of high blood pressure almost does not manifest itself and is easily disguised as temporary discomfort. To determine exactly - do you have hypertension or not - should be aware of the forms of the disease because it depends on them how to express themselves elevated blood pressure.

  • transient hypertension - Symptoms are expressed as the periodic raising the pressure for a few hours or days, after which the normal state of a person before the new attack;
  • labile hypertension - increased pressure as attacks, but to return it to normal is possible only with the help of drugs. In addition, patients complain of fatigue, dizziness, discomfort in the chest, and frequent headaches;
  • stable high blood pressure - the treatment is successful only when using potent drugs. During the attack the patient has all the signs of heart failure, and increased blood pressure itself may be caused by the most minor physical exertion;
  • Malignant hypertension - patients are observed: a constant, very high blood pressure, shortness of breath, swelling in the legs, blurred vision, pain in the heart and increasing the amount of urine. During crises, the patient feels extremely ill, suffering and great pain and fatigue under all load conditions.

If you notice at the above symptoms, then most likely you have developed hypertension. Treatment of folk remedies can in the short term alleviate the human condition and to reduce the intensity of pain, but at the first opportunity you should still see a doctor-cardiologist for correct diagnosis.

The degree of hypertension

Every year the famous cardiology clinics around the world are held symposiums on hypertension. Experts share their experiences of treating patients, the outlook for new techniques and drugs, say standards of service people.

Based on materials Symposia, we can distinguish the following degrees of hypertension:

I degree - a mild form of the disease. Blood pressure is in the range 140-159 / 90 - 99 mmHg. Article .;

II degree - moderate hypertension - symptoms are more pronounced than in the weak form. High pressure - 160-179 / 100-109 mm. Hg. Article;

Grade III - severe hypertension - folk remedies and medical drugs do not have a significant positive effect. The pressure above 180/110 mm Hg. Art. In some cases, patients surgery is indicated.

In assessing the risk of the disease are taken into account and risk factors, that is, the chances of developing cardiovascular complications, which can cause hypertension. Depending on this, doctors adjust the selected method of treatment and provide a forecast of consequences.

Hypertension - Treatment by traditional means

 Treatment of hypertension of folk remedies

All currently used methods of treatment of hypertension can be divided into two large groups - drug and non-drug. The former, as the name implies, are techniques that imply the reception of certain drugs. We will not dwell on this issue, because all drugs for hypertension (and they are many) should prescribe a doctor. It is better to talk about how to cope with the disease by a non-drug treatment. It rests on three "pillars":

  • proper nutrition and weight loss - it is one of the most effective preventive measures. As is the case with other pathologies of the cardiovascular system, hypertension is often caused by obesity. We know that every kilogram of body weight increases blood pressure by 5-10 mm. Hg. Art. Therefore, the main task of the patient becomes a diet, giving up fatty foods, the introduction of the diet of large amounts of fruits and vegetables;
  • a healthy way of life - a complete rejection of alcohol and smoking - is the path to a long and healthy life. The fact is that high blood pressure, symptoms of which are increasingly manifested among young people, actively develops in people who abuse alcohol and tobacco. Accordingly, the sooner you give up bad habits, so quickly lead your body in shape and be able to live a normal, full life;
  • Daily exercise - regular load to minimize the risk of numerous diseases of the cardiovascular system and accelerates the healing process. If a person is diagnosed with hypertension, treatment is to determine the optimal exercise. Usually, high blood pressure is recommended frequent walks in the fresh air for a minimum of 1 hour.

As for the popular recipes. When the diagnosis of hypertension, treatment of folk remedies lead to the expected results only if you will listen to the recommendations of your doctor. Amateur is completely excluded, as high blood pressure - a common cause of serious complications and have to fight with him, taking into account a number of significant nuances, including the characteristics of the organism of a human.